The United States Marine Corps Vs. Joseph Kony

Just a few days prior, I posted a status on Facebook that resonated with a number of people, and I aim to expand on my position in the following paragraphs.

My status read as follows:

“Where the hell were all you Phony Kony “Social Activists” when Saddam Hussein was rolling around Iraq gassing his own citizens and the Taliban were hanging people from light poles? Marines got shot at and blown up over there trying to stop that mass murderer and kick the Taliban out of Afghanistan and people protested us. They called us The World Police and said we needed to mind our own damn business. Fast forward 10 years and a 30 minute movie trailer later an all of you suddenly want action? This is freaking joke. Go back to spring break and reality TV. Social media and group think has you all by the balls.”

This was not meant as an outright rebuke of those who watched and re-posted the video, but rather a rebuking question that has yet to be answered: why does Kony register on the social conscience while Mullah Omar and Saddam Hussein never did prior to the wars or even in the midst of having committed troops there?

What changed? A name? Kony, the momentary darling, is popular; Omar and Saddam were an are not?

I want to assure you of something: while your focus may be momentarily on Joseph Kony, the Marine Corp’s focus is continuously on locating, closing width, and destroying the enemy regardless of social popularity.

If you want us to take down Joseph Kony, call your State Representative and tell him or her that the reason you pay taxes is to feed, clothe, and equip Marines, so they can go stomping through the jungles of Uganda in order to capture and kill war criminals that have enslaved and brutalized hundreds of thousands of children.

Another question, however, persists: where were all the “Social Media Activists” when Marines were getting shot at, and their Humvees were getting turned inside out by IED’s while trying to stop atrocities in the Middle East? Atrocities that are very akin to what is happening in Uganda.

In our darkest hour, we needed you to approve and support our mission, not just the individual solider or Marine. The Marine Corps may be our medium, but the American people are our reason. If you shunned Iraq because the cause was not just only to turn around and pursue another mass murderer, it leaves us wondering why you picked your cause over our cause while we’re the ones dying.

More than anything, the flaw in Kony 2012 is awareness without further action. What does awareness bring but a false sense of accomplishment? How many of you social activists were against the use of force in Iraq, but now want to stop the slaughter in Uganda? The film-makers hope that Kony will surrender without a fight is a view I believe to be wildly optimistic and utopian. The chances a warlord who has been fighting for the past 26 years, laying down his weapons and surrendering to authorities is slim to none. Saying you want to “make him famous” is just a weak way of saying you want someone besides yourself to take action and stop him.

The suddenly fashionable fight against injustice is part of the fundamental difference between social media hype and the United States Marine Corps  (warning: video has explicit language). The difference between you and the US Marines is the fact that a fairly large number of Marines have Semper Fidelis tattooed on their body. Not Momentarily Fidelis, Semi Fidelis, or Whenever Socially Relevant Fidelis. But Semper Fidelis – ALWAYS FAITHFUL.

Before I close this out, I want make my position crystal clear. My frustration does not lie in your support for Invisible Children; rather, a collective conscience that seems to be based not on sound morals or intellect but the whimsical nature of popular public opinion.

Despite my conclusion, there is one thing you all can count on: in the face of public scrutiny, whether fashionable or not, in the present or in the future, the US Marine Corps will faithfully execute it’s duty of keeping the wolf away from the doorstep just as we have done for the past 237 years.

Yours Truly DH

“While we will move swiftly and aggressively against those who resist, we will treat all others with decency, demonstrating chivalry and soldierly compassion for people who have endured a lifetime under Saddam’s oppression.”—Major General J.N. Mattis, 1st Marine Division. 


187 thoughts on “The United States Marine Corps Vs. Joseph Kony

  1. So you are complaining that people didn’t care before (I disagree but that is beside the point), so your answer to that is for them to continue to not be aware/care?
    I understand the backlash about funding for charitable organizations and this is a problem (one you don’t bring up), but you are mad that people now know this is an issue. Now I agree that my thinking was, “where have these people been for the past couple decades that they didn’t know this was happening?”…. But this doesn’t make me want to restrict them from gaining knowledge or spreading it farther.
    Also, I think you missed the point…. The point is to NOT have marines go in and murder a bunch of people but to aid the Congo and Uganda. We don’t need another Iraq/Afghanistan on our hands…. And while your whining about marines doing their jobs… Remember that was that persons choice to join, no one made them.

    1. Lisa, I believe it is you who have missed the point. Awareness is what the masses are calling their change in opinion in how to handle the ugliness the world has to offer. I believe that DH is most perplexed by the group think behind taking action (and yes – causing harm) now that they (social activists) are aware of one (only one of many) atrocities the world has to offer. And I understand his position when he places himself between ignorance and reality to keep people safe; whether they understand the dangers around themselves or not. Thank you Dan. I believe the point he was making is that despite the popularity of the cause, there are people that are willing to put their lives on the line to keep us safe. And it is our duty, as the people of our nation, to choose when and where to send those valiant souls into battle. And we should do so based on sound judgement and not the whimsies of the most popular public opinion.

    2. Think about what people are asking. They want us go to in and advise the Ugandan Military in order to kill/capture Kona. OK, but this is more complicated than what people are making it out to be. He has a large army, many of them young adults/children who have more than likely been brainwashed to some degree. Some of them have even been forced to kill their parents. If you think we’re going to be able to walk in there and get Kona, you’re wrong. Some of his young army is going to put up some kind of resistance, which will lead to the U.S. advised Ugandan Army and possibly a small number of U.S. Forces engaging in combat with armed children. How do you think Americans are going to react when the first photo/video arises of a child soldier getting killed? I have a feeling the American public is going to flip flop ricky tick like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan and us in the Military are going to be stuck fighting another army we were supposed to be liberating. The world is a nasty place and will never be the happy go lucky dream world we wish it could be.

      1. He doesn’t have a large army, he had a large army years ago in Uganda but thanks in part to US Aid he was more or less defeated now he has maybe a few hundred renegade followers roaming around the most remote parts of africa this is a case of the world screaming OMG the house is on fire after the fire department already put out most of the fire 5 years ago. This guy is pretty much a non issue anymore.

    3. Murder… hmmm.

      I wonder if you would still call it “murder” if a band of good men hunted down some crazy heroine laced gang members who had just come to your house and killed your entire family. It’s so easy for someone to form an opinion when they’re 6,000 miles away from the problem…

      But you know I think you’re right, we need nice men to go in and aid the situation. You know, men who don’t want to hurt bad people, just help the good ones. Because after all, it was nice and gentle men that took Normandy right? It was nice men that stopped apartheid in South Africa right? It was men that were just concerned with humanitarian aid that broke free from British tyranny, right?

      I don’t care how people find out about this one way or the other. The raw information (even though it’s about 10 years old) is fine. But what I do have a problem with is the public not going any further than sitting at a Starbucks on their Macbook and clicking “share” on their facebook page. Btw, for all of you concerned about US intervention on a military platform; that will never happen. This whole thing is way more complicated than it seems if you dig into it.

      0311 whatup?

      1. Yes 0311, I agree with you, I have been to the Congo, prior to it being called the Republic of the Congo!! We went to aid if needed, but never were called. Instead we went and evacutated over 2000 “US citizens” from the war torn area. That place is a mess and is not something of an easy fix. I have gone into Iraq twice and Afghanistan three times, I know the costs. For people to think it would be a walk through a field of roses is stupid.

        6591, Cobra/Huey Ordnance

    4. I assume you would like someone to go in secure an area so the Ugandans have the chance to stand up a non corrupt police force with no ties to kony and I also assume you would like that someone to stick around thick and thin because they believe in helping ugandan people. You’d probably want this someone to live in that culture so they could understand the Ugandans plight and help them until they could handle the problem on their own.
      when you say you don’t want a mess like Iraq and Afghanistan realize that the way I just explained to solve Uganda is exactly how marines and others on the front line have handled these past 2 wars you wanna see the ideal side of things fine but they are the nuts and bolts

      1. You are looking at Afganistan all over again. Kony is not new on the scene! This has been going on for years! The corruption has been going on for years!

        We are again putting our Marines in a NO WIN situation! He is correct when he states the S***T will hit the fan when the first pictures come out of our Marines killing kids in Uganda! How many will die because they hesitate because the one holding the weapon is an 8 or 10 year old. How is this going to effect our trooops when they are required to shoot or die?

        We are again attempting to resolve a political issue that Uganda needs to resolve. Let your movie stars go over there and teach them through film how wrong this is and what they need to do to change it. Let them go make movies of it and show it World Wide but don’t put our soldiers on the line for political expediency.

        I can see it now go fix it but don’t hurt anyone?

    5. The next time you feel the need to enlighten us with your well written thoughts, please remember we are Marines, not marines. It means a little to us simple folk that earned that title…And I didn’t catch the author whining about us doing our jobs. That was and is not the premise… Marines will always do their duty regarless.

      1. James, It’s like you read my mind. I have been preaching the Marines vs. marines spelling for years. The only thing worse: being called a soldier. Not that I have any type of distaste or distain for the Army, it is the fact that Marines are not soldiers and soldiers are not Marines.

    6. “We don’t need another Iraq/Afghanistan on our hands….”

      See also, the excuse for any number of actions or inaction based on convenience. The fact that you even make this kind of comparison shows a level of understanding that confirms what the author was getting at with:

      “What changed? A name? Kony, the momentary darling, is popular; Omar and Saddam were an are not?”

      With the line of “The point is to NOT have marines (sic) go in and murder a bunch of people but to aid the Congo and Uganda.” this also shows a level of not understanding how armed conflicts work. You realize that there is going to be violence in this situation, right? Thinking that potential armed conflict with deaths on both sides is exclusive from ‘aiding’ the people of Congo and Uganda (Funny these were proper nouns instead of Marine) is yet another confirmation that you might have some really good intentions because what you saw on TV/the Internet made you feel bad. You’re not exactly showing a basic understanding of what the intent of this post is… and this lack of understanding (Social ‘Activism’ vs actual Social Activism) is the cause of a lot of problems in the world.

      As far as the “Remember that was that persons (sic) choice to join, no one made them”. That is a pretty nice excuse to minimize what happens to one group of people, but not others. This tells me that you, once again, have some incomplete reasoning about the value of human lives… you could almost give the impression that the lives of Marines are less valuable than any person that you perceive as a victim. Since I’m guessing most of your information comes in from various media outlets (I doubt you’re posting this from a field hospital, but I could be wrong), you’re likely to value the lives of whoever the media spotlight is on. This is not true awareness.

      To continue in that area when you write “But this doesn’t make me want to restrict them from gaining knowledge or spreading it farther.” This is yet another confirmation of what the original post is suggesting. You receive information about something you don’t like to hear, something you think is horrible… so you hurry to post about it on facebook/twitter/google etc… you feel better because you get a couple likes, then you go to bed feeling quite accomplished. If you don’t take these steps you feel you’re somehow stopping the world from knowing bad things are happening. Even the reactive nature of your comment fails to suggest any superior line of action, and fails to bring anything constructive to this discussion.

      “If you want us to take down Joseph Kony, call your State Representative and tell him or her that the reason you pay taxes is to feed, clothe, and equip Marines, so they can go stomping through the jungles of Uganda in order to capture and kill war criminals that have enslaved and brutalized hundreds of thousands of children.”

      This. Lisa, is this something you disagree with? You do realize that, contrary to popular belief, Marines do more than put bullets in people right? They can also provide security, and they can protect those who need protecting. They could even protect you if you wanted to organize or join a non-profit relief organization. There are very few people in the world who I think would do a better job. However, that is not the choice you made. Instead of taking some kind of action on some information you received about another country, you provide incoherent criticism about a topic that you’re lacking a full understanding of. And calling for action about something that hasn’t been thought about fully sounds like the definition of an Iraq-like situation.

      1. Charles, I fully agree with you. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airman do humanitarian missions all the time. Some people should google military humanitarian missions, they might have a better idea of how our country actually does help out this world, whether it a natural disaster or resolving 3rd world conflicts.


    7. Lisa, to put it bluntly; YOU SUCK. Fuck you and I hope Kony keeps putting the “infant” back in infantry. Keep waging your Facebook wars. They’ll get you far.

      Have a nice day asshole. 🙂

      -Former “Murderer” Marine.

    8. If you have never put your life on the line for others, SHUT YOUR FRIKKIN MOUTH!!!!!!! You have what you have because of these men and women, Grow up and get educated before you open your mouth.

      1. Shelley: Those of us who have put our lives on the line for others don’t appreciate it when people speak up for us by degrading or belittling the people we risked ourselves to protect. We did what we did so that others would have the freedom to say what they wanted without fear. Perpetuating that fear to speak up undermines what we’ve fought so hard for.

      2. agreed!! Lisa needs to shut up unless you have had a gun and fought for your country. Its just ignorant and disrespectful if not

    9. What I gather from your inane comment is that you support violent warlords, because you obviously oppose the Marines dealing with them.

    10. Lisa, Yes it is the Marines Choice to BECOME a marine, but the Marines, don’t decide where they will go and who they will fight. If the Marines, just by being a Marine, could go somewhere and that person/army/entity would just lay down and roll over, so that Marines don’t have to fight…and die….that would be wonderful! But the truth of the matter is, that these horrible people are not going to just give up and lay down. They will have to be made…and if they are not made to lay down their arms…they will continue…and it will spill from their country to the next country and the next country. Thankfully we do have Marines…Great Men and Women of Character and Honor, that are willing to VOLUNTEER to go where they are sent, to do what is necessary to protect the people of this ENTIRE world that need them. Yes, people will die..but if the Marines do not show up, many more will suffer and die, at the hands of these Monsters! I believe in our US Marines (and other US Soldiers of all Branches) and I believe in the job they do, whether on our soil or another countries soil. If you can’t or won’t support our US Marines and other Soldiers, then just be quiet and get out of the their way, because the US Marines will Accomplish their objective, they will always finish what they started and if you want to stand in their way, they will be happy to March right over you! Now if you have some other way to accomplish this same goal, the wipe out these monsters, without the shedding of a single life…then why don’t you do it? Actions speak louder then words! Until then, I will continue to support my United States Marine Corp!

    11. Lisa, I believe from your statement that you have never served in the military, much less the Marine Corps? Tidbit for you, MARINES do not whine, they accomplish the mission, whatever it is, whoever assigned it, for whatever reason, as long as it is legal. This is an oath, swore to by a U.S. Marine, which is regarded as sacred to a Marine. Yes, we do volunteer for this mission, and we did so with the knowledge that we would be defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We do not have a problem with going where our government says to and doing the mission assigned, what we do have a problem with are people who pick and choose when it is important to protect one group of people, but not ok to protect another group of people. One thing you would find out about a Marine, if you took the time, is that we are always on the side of the little guy, the non combatant, the one who can not defend themselves. Saddam found that out, twice. Please show some respect for a person that does a 20 plus hour day, for periods up to 60 days, risking his/her life for a concept called freedom, if not for a American specifically then maybe, just maybe for the little guy who got the privelege of seeing his family killed in front of him.

      1. “One thing you would find out about a Marine, if you took the time, is that we are always on the side of the little guy, the non combatant, the one who can not defend themselves.”

        Are you serious? If that statement isn’t scary I don’t know what is. Read up on the Marines “intervention” history and come back and edit your statement. If you believe this I am sorry for you.

        That being said, the Marines are getting their fair share of stick. Some is unfair, but quite a bit is justified.

      2. “Tidbit for you, MARINES do not whine, they accomplish the mission, whatever it is, whoever assigned it, for whatever reason, as long as it is legal”

        AWESOME comment.

        God Bless you and all those that serve.

    12. Lisa, you did’nt read the post properly. You stated “So you are complaining that people didn’t care before” The article was in resopnse to social media as a whole.

    13. “while your whining about marines doing their jobs…”

      what a rude statement to someone who lays their life on the line for their country. I’m not in the military but I will respect the men in service more than anything. People might send them to missions that they might not always agree with, but their mentality is to serve and to fight no matter what. Show some respect.

    14. Lisa first let me get something clear. Sending Marines in to engage enemy soldiers who shoot back and commit genocide is not murdering people. No sure where you got that idea from so I won’t even get into how narrow minded you sound. Also with the comment of “it’s their choice to join,” I have to ask the question do you wish we spoke another language here in the US? Because it people like the ones serving today didn’t join voluntarily there would be two outcomes. The first and most likely would be a draft which should be the way but no one wants to be “forced” to serve, they want to be able to choose. The second option would be no military at all which brings me to my comment of speaking a different language, because after some country invaded us and mopped the floor with our country since there would be no army that’s exactly what would happen. We would be speaking anything but English. So please think before you speak about those who chose to join and show at least some respect because of them you are not “forced” to serve. Have a nice day.

    15. Lisa, you added in the comment “And while your whining about Marines doing their jobs, remember that was that persons choice to join, no one made them.” You clearly added that message in to get attention and a rise from people. From that statement alone, I realize you’re just another ignorant civilian. If you have never been through a war while your husband serves this country, you need not open your mouth. Sure, you’ve got a right to your opinion, but obviously you’re selfish in your thought process. I am a PROUD MARINE WIFE and I have served this country along side my husband while he fought along with his fellow Marines in a war that protects ignorant people such as yourself. It takes a REAL man/woman to sign up for the Marines/Military and when I fell in Love with my husband I didn’t let his service to this country justify my marrying him, we have two amazing boys, and a very strong family. SO you just keep on being ignorant and unappreciative that you and your family do not have to walk down the street and have IED’s (Improvised explosive devices) blow up in your face, our families are doing something actively to protect YOUR freedom while they are risking being blown up or killed by one.

    16. Lisa,

      First off when a soldier is sent into a “war zone” like Iraq or Afghanistan it is not murder to defend themselves and those they are tasked to defend. Your ignorance and inability to differentiate between the two is appalling.
      Secondly you need to have your medication adjusted if you believe we can go into Uganda and provide aid without some form of armed conflict developing. If we send in unarmed civilian help I predict they are attacked and either killed or taken hostage; if we send in armed military personnel they will also be attacked, however they will have the ability to defend themselves. Of course in your sick twisted belief system they will be committing murder when they do so.
      Third, while men and women volunteer to serve in our armed services they also have the right to feel frustrated about the fact that people like you expect them to stop people like Kony without anyone being killed.
      Finally if they do defend themselves it is probable that some of the people killed will be children, since Kony uses them in his military. I am willing to bet once that happens you will be one of those screaming for our military to be punished and pulled out.

    17. how else are we going to stop Kony and what is the point then? What is Invisible Children trying to accomplish then?
      You live in your own libral bubble… you don’t have a solution to the problem at hand… and while your at it start showing a little respect for the men and women protecting this country… people like you disgust me

    18. Lisa, sadly you do not have a real grasp on world society. Only your personal ideals. Just sit back quietly, and plunk away on your keyboard, and YOU solve these issues with your grandiose philosophy. Comfortable??

    19. To Lisa: So Marines are just murderers huh? Right. I saddens me that Marines have to go risk their lives to protect people like you. But you know what they would, they would strap on their guns and boots and defend you every time no questions asked. And yes they did sign up to defend you and to go where our country sees fit and complete the mission. They however did not sign up for you and every other liberal entitled want to be activist to talk shit about them and judge the way they protect your freedoms. And just for the record I supported both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and still very much do. Just because political screwed up the rebuilding process doesn’t make our cause unjust. I very much agree with some of the others that we need to really look at this issue before we do anything. Signed former “murderer” oh and probably what you would call a current “murderer” a police officer.

    20. So Lisa just so I dont misqoute are you saying that all the Marines who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have done nothing but murder a bunch of people.

    21. Lisa, what you took as whining was simply a factual statment that Marines are out there working everyday to fight against such attrocities. Your last statement was best of all, and it really illustrates how little understanding you have of what our military and it’s service members sign up for. You said, “Remember that was the persons choice to join, no one made them”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Eighteen year olds all across the nation are willing to join up in defense of YOUR country and try to stop current and future attrocities. It also says alot about you that you said the Marines go in and “murder a bunch of people”. Is that what you really believe? If so you have a completely unrealistic view of the world, especially if you beleive guys like this will just wake up and see the error of their ways and just surrender. Not gonna happen. So in closing, “You want me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall”!

    22. Dan and Lisa,

      First of all I think both of you make some interesting points. I can understand Dan’s frustration of a lack of social media support for the removal of Saddam Hussein but you have to understand that in 2003 social media was a mere fraction of what it was today. In fact, Facebook didn’t even exist at the time of the Iraq invasion. Today Facebook has over 500 million users so it is much easier to get an idea spread through social media.

      I also think it is important to look at Kony 2012 in its most simplest form. A man was touched by an experience and he made a short film about it….that’s it. You can’t control what people find moving or inspiring and to look down on them for doing so is wrong.

      And as for people “not” calling for the destruction of Saddam Hussein, 72% of Americans approved of the Iraq invasion in 2003. Don’t think that the support wasn’t there just because it wasn’t on Facebook.

    23. I’m not going to say much here. Reading this blog I didn’t feel he was complaining about anything. But I do love how people love to argue whatever comes their way and make it seem whatever the opposite of what the person actually really is trying to say.

      I guess it’s the American military that fight for their lives for people like them to have that freedom to have ignorant opinion. Yes they chose to join but that does not give anyone to judge. They are human being also and have families. Everyone god bless. Instead of proving a point, some probably sit on their butts and do nothing.

    24. Lisa, I seriously object to your phrasing. You have missed the point about selective reporting and slanted news. Whining is an ungracious and erronious word to apply to Marines. They know what they signed on for. No one gets out of boot camp without understanding what is expected of them. What aide would you suggest for a country with a murderous dictator a theocratic government that persecutes citizens who refuse to convert? Check the history of the sub Saharan region and Southwest Asia to see what has been tried and failed, repeatedly. News in our country is about getting the market share. They no longer tell both sides of the story or spend time on the beneficial things that happen when the USA gets involved in other country’s problems. So often we don’t have a complete set of information and so no real clues except that provided by a flawed media. Sign me, Army mom and world studies teacher who wishes, like you, that there were better choices than having NATO, or the UN or our own government send people into deadly places to help oppressed peoples. Try “googling” world conflict map and see what causes are out there and have been there for decades, are not popular, but are deadly for the citizens of each of those countries. There seems to be an endless supply of people willing to commit atrocities for their own gain. Signing up to help the world peoples any time soon?

  2. Lisa,

    Call a Marine a murderer to their face and you will see a social injustice.

    Yes, we joined by choice, and yes we were sent to do a job no one else would ever do, and we like it. We know a sense of pride and brotherhood that you can only dream of.

    Baa baa sheep.. When the wolf comes to your doorstep, your rhetoric will not keep you safe. But men like us can… and will.

    1. Oh, ‘men’ I forgot for a second that us poor women are only good for cooking your dinner and making you children. Killing people is murder, do you call it something else? Maybe something a little more fox news politically correct? And I love how you made zero actual arguments about the original topic, how’s that professional degree working out for you? Oops…

      1. Lisa you are a liberal idiot. Protecting this country by killing terrorists who would rape you and chop you into little pieces is not murder. Murder is what terrorists do to innocent people. Our military gets rid of people like that and it’s called war. Not murder. Do you consider taking out Bin Laden? Should we have not tried to take him out so he could mastermind another 9-11 that just might take out you and your family? I think not. People always want travestys to stop but they don’t understand that it can’t happen by just asking a warlord to stop. You have to militarily stop people like that. Take a look at history. No dictator ever goes without a fight. You don’t deserve to have the freedoms afforded to you by any US soldier, marine, airman, etc.

      2. I BEG to differ. He never said anything about women having to be in the kitchen or in the bed, grow a little self respect and actually read his words and stop taking so much offense. Being a Marine isn’t ‘being a killer’ sorry. When you grow up in a military family and learn that the people dying for YOU and your FREEDOM in this country, maybe you’ll think differently. Also, I don’t believe that he was actually whining about a Marine’s job; as he stated, it is by choice that they join. This post wasn’t for actual arguments on the original topic, it was an expanded explination on HIS OPINION.

      3. Lisa,
        I’m very sure you are a very smart person when people who have made the choice to join the military they do it because they want a better life sometimes like myself they join because they did not do well in school. People always say it was your choice to join you are very right and it is our choice to stand up for the American people and fight for the people who can not fight for themselves. What drives me crazy is somebody like me who has done 3 deployments and would go again to be with my brothers and sisters think that the world and and people like the Taliban can be made to love us if we just show them love I say get over it not going to happen. Until you have looked into a person’s eyes who hates you and wants you and your children dead for no other reason than hatred then you should keep your opinion to yourself and let people like me and USMC do our jobs and you can run your mouth knowing that some high school graduate like myself who loves his brothers and sisters who’s only real skill in life is closing with the enemy and killing them protects you every waking day of your life. I’m sure you will have some highly educated come back but I say this women are being let into more combat roles so sign up grab a ruck and fight for what you want or just get out of my way and let me and others like me do my job.


      4. Lisa, please stop talking. 1) You’re making women look bad. 2) You sound ungrateful. I am positive that if you were faced in a situation like these men have been in, your “words of wisdom” would get you no where- and it would take men like these who don’t hide behind popular opinion or misguided anger to save your behind. Afterall, in the video, the man is asking us to call our representatives to send these very same guys to find Kony. How dare you act like they aren’t allowed to have a stance on this matter- especially if it offends you! I fully understand what Dan is saying. Instead of calling him out for something he knows first hand about, why don’t you try to understand what he is saying. These men had no support while they were over in Iraq doing the very thing this video is asking them to do for a similar cause – only the location has changed. I know a young man who came home from Iraq and will NEVER be the same because he had to kill a child who posed a threat. Unless you’re ready to live with the consequences of that yourself and take up arms against children who should be in 3rd grade who have learned that they have to kill to stay alive, be real careful what bandwagon you step on.

        In the meantime- either go enlist and possibly fight for the same justice you’re so willing to send other people to fight for- or sit down in your safe, suburban home and be angry at those who fight for the very right to state their opinion. Either way, stop talking.

      5. Yes, Lisa, I am a misogynist man and live only to wage war on women. You and your daughters should watch out! No daughters? Why am I not suprised, you are a lesbian…

        I can only assume at the word “men,” you flew into a blind rage and started stammering and stuttering, “F-f-f-f-fox N-n-n-news…racist, Islmaphobe, white, intolerant…” All of the things you automatically assign to someone that disagrees with you.

        You philosophy consists of getting a slogan from one of your professors, putting it on a cardboard placard, and then yelling it until you go hoarse. You claim to be idealistic and accepting, but only when it agrees 100% with your warped sense of the world.

      6. Once again, reactive response. You’re taking a victim’s perspective, which doesn’t strengthen your argument. I get the impression that you have very strong anti-military bent, with no intent to further empathize or understand anyone. The statement ” Maybe something a little more fox news politically correct?” demonstrates to me that you have some of the same prejudiced views on the military as you think everyone has about you.

        As far as “…how’s that professional degree working out for you? Oops…”, this makes a value statement based on educational achievement, which is strongly related to financial access. Seems that you make the assumption that this access is not available in the military, I assure you that is not the case.

        So this suggests to me that you, seeing no other way to defend yourself, see someone’s having or not-having invested the money into a degree (and even then not just any degree, a professional degree), is somehow related to the validity of someone’s opinion. If Prodigal here had a professional degree, I doubt it would change your mind much. Didn’t you say that you didn’t want things like Iraq/Afghanistan happening again? Well, if you value education over experience, good luck.

        Maybe redirect some of this hate you have going on towards the military toward something else and I think your life will improve.

      7. Im not sure if your aware Lisa, but there are women in our services as well as men. women, who just as often as one of the guys get shot at and in turn kills the mother fucker who first pulled that trigger. ive met some women in the marine corps who wanted to be in the field. and my god were they capable women, but the majority of females in the world have something called compassion and emotions that have been proven by psychologists that during stressful situations, break and they wont kill and they panic and then they are only in the way.

        now with that being said, killing in war is not murder. me walking into your house, apt, workplace , where ever and shooting you in the chest with a some random gun i picked up from the crack pot across the street, thats murder. dont group us into that.

        my honest opinion of this whole matter, screw what the public thinks. wars arent fought by the populous, they are fought by those who thought that their countries would appreciate their deaths if it came to that. every player in a war thinks that their side of the fight, is the just side. you wouldnt say some of these things if an outright genocide or occupation happened in the united states i bet. you would beg us murderers to come help you all. and if we didnt i bet you people, yes you people , you are being grouped yourself. you people referring to the group of young people today that not only try to demoralize their protectors but actually dishonor them completely through word and actions both. we think the world of our country. we do what we’re told.we fight whoever we are told to fight, where ever that is. even if thats not what you fake patriots want. we dont have to ask you for your permissions to attack or defend whoever. we ask our superiors for our orders, and god (what ever one each of us serves) for a chance to see our loved ones again.

        I have never been to combat. this is because i have a job to do that needs me else where. and because of this, ill never get the chance to say good bye to some me mates.i have friends that are dead. close friends who i will never see again. these men and women are heroes. to us that are marines that never get to go into combat. and they should be to you civilians as well.

        any of you who talk shit on the marine corps(or any other branch) shouldnt have the ability to offer an opinion to anything. Life is life. i dont even hate the enemies of this country ,save a few. we are all people who have our beliefs , our causes. something you dont even have a full perspective of yourself. look inside yourself and ask what your goals are in this kony thing. ask how you are going to peacefully attain those goals in uganda. a country who has been at constant war since before their official founding.

        again, these are my personal views and rantings… the usmc isnt to be blamed for my patriotism and hatred towards phonies and communists as yourself.

        good day lady…

      8. I agree with Charles, this is a reactive response. Lisa ended her first comment with, “And while your whining about marines doing their jobs… Remember that was that persons choice to join, no one made them.” To me, this statement seems like she is belittling and or attacking the men and women who have joined the service. This caused everyone to react and, even though sometimes a little harsh, she seemed to ask for it. What was she thinking posting something like that on this website. What did she think the reaction would be? She’s reacting with too little knowledge and too much opinion and feeling. Her responses are non-existent to anyone’s logical and level headed response. This makes her seem very arrogant. I hope one day she can learn to understand someone else’s opinion but her own.

        Anyway to the topic at hand, I would love to see more support for our troops by the American people one day. I hope that day is tomorrow. This world is getting darker and darker and we are losing the support for our troops in the process. I know squared away service members who have lost friends, saved lives, and emptied magazines. In talking to them, most of them feel as if they are not heroes. Most of them feel like their country isn’t behind them. I’m not saying this is true, but I can see where people blame the media for this.

        I don’t know how to fix it, and I don’t know how the support for men and women in the service has diminished, but I hope someone can come along and revive this country’s love for itself soon.

      9. Lisa,

        I am a United States Marine and i have a B.A. soon a masters degree. If you think your “professional degree” makes you better understand the situation and us dumb marines dont your sadly mistaken. I am also a “Liberal” and your still think your an idiot. You know nothing of the realities of the world. Your education apparently didnt enlighten you as it should.

      10. Lisa,

        I am a female Marine. I’m also a combat veteran, even though technically Female Combat veterans are not allowed to exist and thus I’ve fought in a war and never been officially recognized for it outside of getting free VA care for the rest of my life. Which is enough, frankly, for me.

        As a woman and a Marine, I would caution that not every Marine is exactly the same, just like not all men are exactly the same. Just like all women are not exactly the same. I, for instance, have dealt with true mysoginy, prejudice, sexism, and the constant frustration of having to prove myself over and over again to creatures who barely stand up to me in skill and prowess, much less in basic human cognition. I’ve also worked alongside true, amazing men who were honorable and courageous and whom I was proud to call brothers and friends. Despite what all the chest pounders want to make everyone think, Marines don’t kill because it’s fun and murdering is all big happy fun time in the desert. When someone is trying to take your life, you always have a choice; let them, or survive and take theirs first. We thankfully don’t live in a world where we have to make decisions every day, but in combat, everyone does. That’s the reality every day. If it makes you feel better to call them murderers because you’re basking in the luxury of never making that choice, then I suppose that’s your right.

        I just hope you constantly remind yourself that it’s a right and a luxury that we’ve killed for, so that you can have it.

      11. MURDER

        Law . the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).
        Slang . something extremely difficult or perilous: That final exam was murder!
        a group or flock of crows.

        Verb (used with object)
        Law . to kill by an act constituting murder.
        to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously.
        to spoil or mar by bad performance, representation, pronunciation, etc.: The tenor murdered the aria.


        Verb (used with object)
        to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay.
        to destroy; do away with; extinguish: His response killed our hopes.
        to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of: to kill an odor.
        to spoil the effect of: His extra brushwork killed the painting.
        to cause (time) to be consumed with seeming rapidity or with a minimum of boredom, especially by engaging in some easy activity or amusement of passing interest: I had to kill three hours before plane time.

        Ok, so Lisa I assumed from your comment above that you are in or have attended college. With this being the case I felt that I would provide you with the above definitions that I found at . I hope by reading them you will understand your statement “Killing people is murder,….” is incorrect.

        In order to murder someone or something you have to “kill” it, by definition. But the same can not be said in the reverse order. Just because you kill something does NOT make that act a murder. Murder is defined as a noun and a verb. As a noun murder relates to the laws in the United States defining the act. Based on your use of the word it appears that you are referring to the verb and not laws.

        This definition clearly provides two additional adjectives to describe the act of murder, distinguishing the act of murder from “killing”. These two adjectives are “Inhumanly” and “barbarously”. I could provide definitions to these also but I will assume you know them, since you are college educated.

        I for one am grateful that we live in a country where you, I and everyone else posting on this board can have this exchange. And it does not really matter if you like how this has occurred, you are benefiting from it. And if you did not wish to benefit from this “right” (that has been earned for you by all those “murderous” Marines) you would actually do something to change it, and no anonymous words on the internet do not count.

        There are many groups that claim to do this but at the same time rely on the assistance of the government they are protesting to sustain them. If someone really wanted to make a change there are actual ways to do it, and it does not ONLY include hitting “share” on a social media site. Below are two stories of children who have made a difference.

        My point here is, instead of complaining about how others are trying to do there part in the world, find a way to do yours. It does not need to be how the Marines are doing it but maybe try the Peace Corps, something that gets you out of the house.

      12. This has quickly evolved into the stereotypical left vs right name calling and arguments based on assumption. Social media is still in its infancy, especially about the way awareness of issues get spread…. look at how Twitter was a touchstone to empowering the Arab Spring and even the Occupy (enter city here) movement… to name a few. There’s the reality of the ruthless world and then there’s causes that play to the heartstrings of humans but don’t serve our national interest. After all, “Act of Valor” is more than 30 minutes long and is a great message for the Navy Seals and the US military in general, especially from a recruiting perspective… from the same factory of the Kony trailer. I don’t know anyone (and maybe this is an anomaly) that is anti-Marine or anyone who has served the U.S. I think it’s more about the way the nation was lead to believe that Iraq was worth sacrificing your (Marines) lives, livelihoods and qualities of life for those who didn’t make it home in one piece or didn’t make it home at all. Maybe the administration that began these actions should have had the social media savvy to get the country on board. Afghanistan, yes. Kill Bin Laden, yes. They just got called out and exposed about Iraq so quickly I think it’s that much more distasteful for the general public to accept seeing our men and women making sacrifices (sometimes the ultimate) on a grand scale after being deceived. That’s just my opinion though.Seems everyone here already has their viewpoints and ideologies set in stone. Again, this blog is a perfect example of the power of social media. Interesting discussion and points of view to all be considered.

      13. I am so laughing out loud right now. It’s obvious Lisa wants attention. Everyone please do not answer to ignorance.

      14. So, you’re saying that any kind of killing is murder regardless of the provocation? I hope you are never faced with a choice of living or NOT because someone motivated by a cause has decided you are wrong, in the way or expendible. Are you against having a police force also?

    2. Fuck you, asswipe. Nobody cares if you’re the virgin born prodigious heir to the throne of the mythical kingdom of Camelot, that doesn’t give you the right to threaten women with physical violence you fucking reject. I get sick of you military choads thinking you can get away with any form of bullying by default of your service. CONGRATULATIONS BRO! I’m truly grateful for your service. Now please proceed to join society and behave a civilized human being like the rest of us.

      1. Hello Brad,

        Sounds like a Marine beat you up in the past… maybe stole your woman? stole your lollipop? Or maybe… rejected you “emotionally”?

  3. Lisa,

    I hope you are on a computer in the kitchen because if you aren’t, I would advise you to get back there pronto.

    Thank you.

  4. “Why does Kony register on the social conscience while Mullah Omar and Saddam Hussein never did prior to the wars or even in the midst of having committed troops there?”

    The truth? Because they make it cool and emotional and is that not the way that Obama won the election as well? Why was there an Obama hysteria and crying people all over? IC is using the same principle. It is hypnotic persuasion to the max!

    I have supported IC for a long time, but now I am wondering if they are being used for propaganda purposes.

    Btw, noticed what happened in 2011? They found oil in Uganda. Go figure.

  5. The point of the whole thing is not that awareness is bad or inappropriate. People should know what it going on. But the point is everyone jumped on the KONY 2012 bandwagon without question because what he is doing is wrong. Well guess what, what he is doing happens all over the globe and yet we don’t hear about that. Saddam Hussein and his followers killed countless amounts of people, burried them in mass graves and yet our removal of him has not changed anything in the thinking of the American people. The marines and every other branch of our military have done so many things to benefit our freedom and defend our rights and yet people protest the whole thing. The soldiers are there by choice because they believe there is a reason to be there and they want to do what they can to protect those they love from future attacks. If we had not stood up for ourselves (as a country with our military), we would still be under attack by those that HATE us. The hatred will not stop but tell me the children who are now not being slaughtered and the women that are no longer being raped and murdered by Saddam and his men are not grateful for the sacrifices our troops have made. I appreciate everything they have done and I will not speak against them. They are doing what they believe to be best in a time of rampid violence (even on our own shores) and uncertainty as to how to stop it. The more you protest the war the more you drive the morale of our forces into the ground, and guess what, that costs lives. We need to stand behind our troops no matter our feelings on the war at hand. Would you like for your daughter to be raped ( by multiple men), killed, dismembered, and left on your doorstep? because that is just one example of what Saddam was doing. This is what our troops fought to stop and the persecution and senseless murder of innocent lives is what they are still fighting to end. The point is, he was not saying awareness is bad but that those who agree to stop what is happening in Uganda just because it has blown up over the internet and the news should think more about why that should happen and why they protested against where we’re at now. I owe my freedom and current way of life to those who have sacrificed their lives for this country, those who remain to fight, all the veterans who are under appreciated and mistreated, and those who will continue to fight for this country in the years to come.

  6. I understand completely, both sides of this current issue. I am a veteran myself, and most certainly would die for the safety or our country and our citizens. I am a woman and it is NOT true that men are the only ones out there in combat and woman should be in a kitchen. My brothers and sisters of all the US armed forces find that quite humorous! My brothers know they have sisters fighting with them, too! The fact of the matter is this, anytime we have faced adversity the “news” is made public. Anytime our armed forces have entered a mission, it becomes public. When we lost so many soldiers it was made public. Hometown residencies wrote about their “hometown heroes” in their local newspapers. The names of our lost brothers and sisters go down in history. Our country, for the most part, recognizes and appreciates the job we have to do. For those that don’t , simply ignoranance. When desert storm occured, 9-11, iraqi freedom, etc the world was notified in some way. As us military folk know, we have to follow direct orders by those appointed over us. Kony 2012, from my point of view, is informing much of the world about the current situation spreading throughout Africa and the 30,000+ children negatively affected. For 20+ years 99% of the world did not know the name Kony. Social networking has proven to be a very effective tool to bring awareness. The message I received from the youtube video, is that our gov’t was first approached and declined to act, so citizens of our country spoke out. Now that so many people have brought the issue to the table, for all politicans to hear they can no longer shrugg the issue off. If 25 people bring an issue of concern to their local senator, it sparks interest and can not be thrown aside. From my understanding, awareness is the goal to keep our gov’t involved. I don’t think it is to knock our military members, as we all know our military will be the ones to find Kony and seize the situation. I agree, this matter is not going to be simply capturing one man. International war crimminals have numerous companions. It will be Kony and numerous other followers, then reform. It will be a lengthy, heartbreaking and rewarding sacrafice our women and men soldiers will embark on, as the fill the billets for those orders. We do not choose where or when we want to take part, we are told. We have to complete the task at hand, to the best of our ability…we choose to enlist…do it PROUDLY! Check out the ICC’s indictment list. Everyone of the names that were mentioned in previous comments are/were on the list and through our military efforts many have been “xed” off. Kony is currently the #1 war crimminal. Let’s get him! It will not be quick and easy as many social activists may think…us miltary members know it will be so much more. And that’s okay, it is our job to sacrafice and serve! If you receive a set of orders over there, God’s speed for your safety and homecoming. I thank all of you! You truly do make a difference and don’t let any person make you think otherwise. Do not pay attention to ignorance. One team, one fight! Hoo-rah! And for all our non military folks, be kind in what you say, as you do not know the mental effects our soldiers are faced with when actually looking these ruthless enemies in the eyes…or when they are faced with having to pull the trigger on a child soldier. But what you can do, if you are choosing to be a social activists of this cause, be more than that! Pick up the phone and call your local politicans, pick up a pen and piece of paper and write your local papers, donate to the cause, and most importantly call a local military instillation and ask what you can do to help our soldiers heading over there and the 100 of them that are already there. See if you can donate care packages, or help the soldiers families. BE ACTIVE! Talk is cheap, act on it! But do NOT knock our fellow soldiers with the famous “no one made you enlist, YOU chose to” line. Postive moral, people, please! These men and women keep ourselves and our children safe! God bless them, and thank you, all of you! So all “social activits” I have a quick question, for such a good cause, who will be out at dusk April 20th, to hang posters and what not?

  7. Great job Dan. People want justice and want Kony dead, but would they be willing to shoot at a 9 year old wielding an ak-47? Couldn’t agree with your points more. Keep up the good work. Hope all is well.

  8. Hi Dan–thank you for your service..

    I landed on your site because my son (Marine that served in the 3/2) posted your post on his Facebook Page..

    As a media person, I wanted to share something with you..

    Jason Russell’s video should not be invalidated because it went viral..Here’s why—>it is a good story–told well, that implicitly ask’s for military intervention, and as of 1:47pm on March 11, 2012, has over 74 million views, of which 15 million of those came in the last 2-3 days..These views, manifest the will of the people to go get this guy (Kony) and bring him to justice..That’s a good thing..IMHO, it does NOT reflect in any way a disrespect for the Corps, or the commitment that Marines, have made/continue to make, for our country (that can never be entirely repaid BTW)..

    The film accurately portray’s your frustration over how slow politico’s react (something that you and Jason share) to world events, and that is WHY Jason resorted to “story” to affect action..If anything Dan, the Corps should hire this guy for any future Marine Corps’ initiatives in the future–especially if Jason can get the same type of mass media reaction..

    I hear your frustration–but really–this is a win, and god knows we need one..

    Carlos Saldivia

  9. We all need to look at the connections to George Soros, his International Crisis Group, the 2 BILLION barels of oil that he is trying to get a share of through “helping” the Ugandan government and Tullow Oil company. Also, where is the outrage about what the New Forests Company is doing in the name of Carbon Credits? They are kicking people in Uganda off their land and burning their houses so new forests can be planted. Check out the Ox fam reports. I support our military, and I question why Kony, who has been MISSING for 5 years, is suddenly such a controversy. Follow the money, and don’t equate our military with murderers.

  10. To be honest, I think despite these elaborate comments.. This soldier clearly stated what he has noticed/received from the citizens he protects, where he stood, and what should be done.

    He could not make it anymore blatant: stop being contradicting, support your cause by executing your power to call upon your country’s soldiers, not through solely raising the awareness of citizens to the point you think awareness alone can accomplish closure.

    Awareness is only the first step not the action, it is like a briefing of a mission. You can not take down an enemy of conflict with words and their infamy alone, you must fight to execute what you want to accomplish. . .

    If not your awareness will only be awareness and the enemy at bay still persists.

  11. The problem with going and training the Ugandan army is the fact that they have committed many atrocities themselves. So we are going to train them to find Kony then leave them better trained to brutalize their own people.

  12. Here are some references in case people would like to be informed. The United States armed and supported Saddam during the Kurdish gassing. And armed and supported Omar’s Taliban during the Soviet invasion.

    The marines were never meant to stop mass murderers, this guy’s entire argument is off base. Totally penetrated by propaganda.

    Here’s a quote from the most decorated U.S. marine in United States history.

    I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents. – Smedley Butler, author of “War is a Racket”

    War is a business. It makes its profit in murder. This guy is no better than Kony, and probably won’t approve this comment. I don’t mind typing to myself. The information is important enough.,_2004-2010

  13. I’d like to begin with saying that the whole point of me posting on this site was for the purpose of having a well rounded discussion of the positives and negatives with social media social movements, something that has been increasingly popular (both in society and as a research topic) since about 2003. But it is obvious by the “good ol’ boy” responses on this site that have absolutely nothing to do with discussing this topic, I won’t take time out of my life to view this particular site again. Before that, I would like to clarify a couple things: First, I’d like to thank those who responded with the typical misogynistic remarks, (ie. ‘kitchen’ and ‘lesbian) you proved my point. Typically individuals who respond to intellectual conversation this way tend to be lower class, uneducated, white males with dominance issues (this isn’t name calling, just what is typically found in the psychological literature). This moves me to my next item, I’m not a lesbian (although I don’t see what that has to do with anything…or if it would have made a difference…). I’m married and my husband is in the military. (Pause for dramatic effect please…) So to those who commented about me not knowing anything about it, I know the good, the bad and the ugly of the military first hand. Next, I’m not naive. I know that in certain cases, the military is absolutely necessary to every State, particularly for defense. (I use the term “State” to refer to nation states, not Alabama to avoid confusion). And I was not attacking those in the military. I want to put particular emphasis on that point. Many men and women that have or currently serve are completely respectful of the harsh responsibilities that they have. I was pointing out cases of American exceptionalism, where people begin to move away from viewing others has human beings and toward ethnocentrism. So yes, killing people without due process is murder (ie: the killings this past week, including children and women). Anyone who takes pride in this exceptionalism is a complete hypocrite to what America and other industrial nations strive and stand for. Which, in summary is a free and civil society. Again, burning books and urinating on people. I don’t care if it was someone who almost killed you. Or killed someone you love. It was still another human being, and one should be self actualized enough to be the better person (for lack of a better phrase…) To the comments about someone coming and raping me, I’m confused. Are we being attacked currently on U.S. soil? Have we been attacked since WWII besides 9/11 (which is a different issue, because it wasn’t an issue of Statism)? This whole “the sky is falling” is a remnant of the cold war, and needs to end. Finally, back to the original topic, movements such as “kony” did not exist on a large scale, because social media (in the form it is today), didn’t exist. So you are comparing historical apples and oranges. So much for a debate…. Maybe you should talk to people who don’t always have the same view point as you and just pat you on the back…. But that’s scary isn’t it? (And yes, before someone says it, I have conservative and liberal friends/family members, and we have wonderful, respectful discussions without petty name calling…) To those few who had respectful comments on both sides, thank you.

    1. I just read this entire thread and found zero insulting comments that weren’t said in sarcastic response to your spewing vitriol. If you want to put your hat in the ring, you better be able to hang with the folks who put down well thought and reasoned responses. There are six solid responses to your original post, none of which you responded to. There are a number of sarcastic posts under the one where you sarcastically insulted a persons intelligence without even knowing them. Well played ma’am.

      You missed the point of the article. Period. Sure, Kony’s a bad guy. There’s no doubt about that. But is he the most prominent threat? Even in Uganda? Probably not. But he’s the subject of a glossy video that a bunch of hipsters (many of them self-proclaimed) can get behind. With the rapid dissemination of information through social media comes the responsibility to investigate the information you are receiving. The bottom line is the situation in Uganda is incredibly complex. The solution posed by Invisible Children is naive at best, and more aptly described as downright ignorant. I want to know why people have such a knee jerk reaction and desire immediate action on this bad guy, but fail to support well calculated action on bad guys that are far worse in comparison. It’s illogical.

    2. Lisa,

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in this Country, but what seems to have being forgotten over the past few decades is you don’t have to listen to other’s opinions. Navigate away from the page if you don’t like what the author wrote, you CHOSE to interject yourself into this. Instead of calling Marines (yes I understand you are married to a military man and you know the ins and outs of the military life and you are educated yet you refuse to accept that Marine is a noun) murders, as you did in your first post, please just say thank you and be on your way.While the name calling in unwarranted here, you are the one that started off with calling us murders and brought the stereotype of getting back into the kitchen into the conversation.
      Furthermore, if you are feel that anything can be done in a hostile environment without the armed support of those willing to kill or be killed, by all means, please email me the link to your non-profit and I will donate to help offset the cost of your airfare to the Uganda so peaceful minded people like yourself can have an educated adult conversation with a war criminal and convince him that he is wrong. Hell I’ll even adopt one of the little gun totting, raping, pillaging, heroin addicted child soldiers when you get back.
      When you bring up the recent acts of a few misguided Marines or soldiers, (burning of books, urinating on dead enemies, shooting rampage of a lone soldier) you show your true colors. While these acts are not condoned and in no way reflective of the values the Marine Corps attempts to instill, they are relatively small in the grand scheme of things. More innocents were killed in one afternoon in a busy Baghdad market than in any of the incidents you point out, yet the media did not scream from the highest mountain how terrible those responsible for that bombing were. We hold ourselves to a higher standard as we should, and deal with enough hostility in our chosen profession. We shouldn’t have to fight battles deployed and at home.
      In your last comment, you have shown me that you are in fact not historically educated. There was not a 60 year gap between attacks on US soil. Here’s an uneducated Marine’s crash course in terrorism history for you… fall along now.(Please note that an US Embassy is considered sovereign soil)

      Nov, 1979 Iran– Embassy over ran, civilians taken hostage for over 400 days
      Apr, 1983 Beirut, Lebanon– Embassy destroyed by suicide car bomber, killing 63
      Oct, 1983 Beirut, Lebanon– Marine Brks destroyed by suicide car bomber, killing 241 US Marines
      Dec, 1983 Kuwait City, Kuwait–US Embassy bombed
      Sept, 1984 Beirut, Lebanon– US Embassy annex hit by truck bomb, killing 24
      Feb, 1993 New York City, NY, USA– Car bomb explodes in the basement of the World Trade Center, killing 6 injuring over 1000
      Nov 1995 Riyadh Saudi Arabia– Car bomb outside of US Military HQ, killing 5
      June, 1996 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia– Truck bomb explodes outside of Khobar Towers, killing 19 service members.
      Aug, 1998 Nairobi, Kenya/ Dar es Salaam, Tanzania– Coordinated bombings of 2 US Embassies, killing 224, injuring over 4000
      Oct 2000 Aden, Yeman– US Cole hit by suicide bombers in a small boat, killing 17 sailors.

      Don’t let historical fact get in the way of your opinions,

  14. Yes Lisa, because by your comment on March 12, it was very relevant to the topic too.

    Yes while social networking has never been on the level as it is today, that doesn’t mean that there’s still plenty of bad people today that still need addressing. Example; I’m sure people knew about Kim Jong Il without social networking; and even though he’s dead now it doesn’t mean that he was any less crazy two years ago than 15 years ago.

  15. While I agree with your sentiment that a lot of people seem to be anti-Kony because it’s the cool thing to do, I think there’s another reason to take into account here. Sure, it’s unfair that Kony gets tons more attention than Hussein ever did. Sure, it seems hypocritical or ignorant that people can care so much about one man’s crimes and remain in the dark about another’s.


    We must remember that this is also the nascent age of online social activism. Social networks were not as prevalent half a decade ago – hell, in 2004, Facebook wasn’t even open to non-college students! Just look at what has happened in the past two years facilitated by social media – Jasmine Revolution, Occupy Wall Street, backlash against the government about the Wenzhou train crash. The primary reason why Hussein and other war criminals didn’t garner this sort of attention five+ years ago is because the websites weren’t around that could propagate this information widely and readily, and the audience wasn’t around to pay attention to it.

    Just a bit of historical perspective to keep in mind 🙂

  16. murder – The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice


    You have basically claimed that an entire group of citizens are criminals. Murder is a defined term, legally. I know you already know this as the rhetoric you spewed in your above statement is testament to your wealth of worldy knowledge. By this claim you should be trying to make the entire populus aware this vast pool of esteemed knowledge and bring to just ice anyone who has ever worn a uniform in defense of this nation. I don’t see you doing this because however but I am not surprised. By those same laws Marines are by definition, not murderers when they kill lawfully on the battlefield.. If you truly believe myself and every other service member of this country past and present is a murderer than by all means bring us to justice. However since your argument is based on a false belief versus logic and fact you can expect my response to be the same as others who have tried and failed under the same pretenses; a 7.62 hollow-tip, boat tail, match-grade round directly into that illogical mind of yours.

    You claim to come have civil discussion etc but you should really get basic facts correct if you are going to have a ‘discussion’ instead of just provoking people (as you seem to want to with your choice verbage).

    Since you already started this ‘discussion’ on those grounds I’ll provide similar discourse in line with your ROEs, I apologize in advance for using more simple grunt logic on this point of the argument:

    Lisa, you are a fucking cunt.

  17. Im a wife of a US Marine and I’ll be the first to say the military has some MAJOR flaws.. more than I can deal with.. and more incompetence than any other organization.. However, I back them 100% in their endeavors they are ordered to do. I do feel that if it were up to the military to make decisions we would be a lot better off right now.. but unfortunately the gov’t gets to make the decisions. I agree with Dan’s response. I don’t agree with Lisa on anything except for the fact that social media wasn’t as broad in 2001 as it is today. No one was making emotional, sad eyed Uganda children videos that were passed through millions of people at the click of a mouse on facebook. However, that doesn’t excuse the lack of support from the American people on the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. And that is undeniably pathetic. I think those wars were handled wrong. Saving face and being politically correct has done nothing but made this war worse. We could have been done with these wars years ago but for whatever reason were trying to be “respectful”. That’s a load of BS. But i can’t help but argue a few points..first, I don’t know your religious background but in the Bible God talks about murder being wrong-not war. There IS a difference. Murder is an intentional, premeditated killing of someone with malice. War is inevitable in a world full of sin and evil and God commands SEVERAL times in the Bible to destroy cities and nations saying “do not leave anything alive that breathes… make war on them until you wipe them out” So, this whole lets win them over crap is a waste of time when they(the Taliban/Al Queda) are guilty of some of the most brutal acts in history. But war in the Bible is purely DEFENSIVE .. not offensive. So with that in mind, the Kony issue isn’t a threat to the US so going to war with them isn’t the best move. We have our own wars that aren’t finished yet and on the verge of yet another war with Iran. I am at a crossroads of where I stand on the “awareness” factor because the more awareness the more governmental involvement and I do NOT think the US gov’t should get involved. WE ARE NOT ASSASSINS!! and for you to believe that the military is going to go to Uganda and have tea and chat and work through these issues makes me believe you are as naive as they come. That’s not how evil works. And if, in fact, you still think it does then why don’t you go over there yourself instead of the military.. you don’t need military if we just go to “aid the country” (which is EXACTLY what we’ve been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 10 years) – That tea party didn’t quite go like you envisioned huh?? You’d be dead. how’s that for murder?? Last, but not least, and totally off the subject. Your ignorance rings true when you make comments about the military being uneducated. Are there a few bad apples? of course, just like in your job. But, I certainly take offense when my husband has a college degree and is in the process of getting a professional degree and I, as a dependent, already have a professional degree in physical therapy (DPT) Don’t be moronic enough to think the only people that join the military are dumb people without professional degrees. There are countless jobs in the military that require excellence on IQ tests that you, my dear, probably couldn’t pass. AND I do believe you were the first person to bring up the whole “women belong in the kitchen” bit.. sooo does that mean that you are a lower class, uneducated, white male with dominance issues ??? (according to your in depth detailed research in your “typical psychological literatures.”)

    1. And believe it or not, most of those guys join to make and impact because they do care about you and your freedoms and your safety.. so be careful. And one last thing, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.. sorry to burst your bubble. When people were commenting about rape and abuse they were making the point of you putting yourself in the Afghan peoples shoes and its not just rape and abuse to women and children..The war itself was/is defensive but it’s stopping the greater evils of the world that would have affected the US in bigger ways than just 9/11.. so no we aren’t fighting on US soil…but we would be if it wasn’t for our military. You need to educate yourself, read a bunch of different articles on the the same issue from different websites and find out what it is that you truly believe because your a little wishy washy..

  18. For the record, lots of people who don’t support the US military intervention in Iraq (1 million dead civilians and counting! Whoooo! Good job protecting us from the ‘murderers’!) and Afghanistan also don’t support US military intervention in Uganda. And anybody who supports a full scale military intervention because of a viral video is a fucking idiot, period. And if there was a US military intervention in Uganda, it wouldn’t be because American youth want to see Joseph Kony brought to justice, it would be because certain people, governments and corporations want African resources and land (The exact same reason why any Western military force has been sent over to Africa in the last 200 years.)

  19. Hey guys, keep telling yourselves that they’re shooting at you just because they’re filled with irrational hatred for some unexplainable reason…I’ll tell you exactly why they hate you and why they’re shooting at you, BECAUSE YOU’RE A FOREIGN ARMY OCCUPYING THEIR COUNTRY AND YOU’VE KILLED SHITLOADS OF THEM. You’re the wolf at their door (Often times literally,) and you keep telling yourselves that you’re halfway around the world shooting people you’ve never met before because you’re keeping the sheep safe. That’s some really heavy duty rationalization and denial you’ve got going on there, but I guess you gotta tell yourselves something, don’t you? Any explanation is better than the reality that you’re errand boys committing murder for people who could give a fuck about whether you live or die. I applaud the Afghan people who pick up their guns to drive you out of their country, because YOU ARE the wolf at their door, YOU ARE the foreign army occupying their land, and if a foreign army came over here and tried to occupy America (An extremely unlikely scenario as it’s next to impossible to launch a full scale invasion and occupation of a country with as many nukes as we have) I’d pick up a gun and try to drive whoever it was out of my country as well.

    1. Drax,

      You paint an incomplete picture. American soldiers are overseas because of atrocities committed against their own citizens (Saddam, even as he is being compared to Kony) or because of atrocities here at home (Al Quaeda). Have we so quickly forgotten the “irrational hatred” that manifested itself in the deaths of “shitloads” of American civilians on 911? Not wishing to enter a debate on why we’re overseas, my point is this: American forces are not in Iraq and Afghanistan to cause terror and horror, as you contend.

      Also, lets not disregard that part of the mission in Afghanistan is to train the Afghan National Army so they can be a viable force against dangerous extremist groups, like Al Quaeda. Similarly, the naval mission is almost exclusively humanitarian or joint in nature, securing the sea lanes from piracy.

      Please excuse the segue on some examples of the less than wolf-like behavior of the military. Back to your original point- if we sent no forces to their doors, they’d surely be at ours. It happened in 2001 and it was devastating.

  20. I’m pretty sure you brought up women in the kitchen and that they decided to go along with what you said…. And as far as your husband being in military, does that make him a murderer? Or un educated since he has chosen a path other than that of a college degree? And as for answering your reply, I don’t believe he is “mad” at the fact that people are caring, he is mad that they are taking action about something that is similar to the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan and yet these conflicts which we are in have very little public support. And yes we have all joined on our own accord. No one is complaining about being sent wherever we are asked to go because HEY Like you said, I joined on my own. And no ones coming to your door step to rape you and and America hasn’t been attacked since world war two besides 9/11, is because we have such an awesome military that it makes it hard for other to do so. But I guess if we and your husband ( if he even really is in the military, I’m doubtful based on your opinion as It seems you wouldn’t “stoop so low to marry somone as uneducated as a military man) didn’t do our job of killing you’d know that. Yes what we are asked to do isnt pretty. Killing is a dirty job that I don’t think many of us enjoy, which is why so many come home with nightmares or with post dramatic stress, but someone’s got to do it. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world where we are not needed. As I’m writing this I’m noticing how pointless it is to try and express my opinion with someone like you because honestly you’ll never understand what we go through, what it’s like, or anything. You’ll always be the same person incapable of understanding and for that I pitty you. Good day and God bless, Semper Fi

    1. I’m only responding to this because it’s about my husband.
      1. yes he is in the military
      2. he has a degree (oh, if we’re using capital letters (ie. Marine), then please refer to me as Doctor) I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way. I just used lower case because using upper case or formal prefixes just seems pretentious, but if that’s what people want that are commenting, fine by me.
      3. I never said that anyone in the military is below me in anyway. On the contrary, I said MOST people who serve are respectful people who are good at their jobs.
      4. he has never killed someone
      You, in addition to others on this site, are running wild with assumptions. So I just wanted to clear that up.
      Oh, and he reposted Kony 🙂 He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism either.

      1. Lisa,
        As a fellow doctor maybe you will respect my “professional” opinion.
        At medical school (and through a scientific background) you are taught to use various reasoning tactics to approach and solve a given problem (i.e. diagnose, then provide care and treatment). Ultimately all reasoning in the medical field is based on logic and fact. The scientific process is also fundamental, seeing as it is a scientific field, and this has a heavy emphasis on research and experimentation to arrive at a logical, ‘proven’ conclusion.
        I would like to say that you have demonstrated almost none of these fundamental traits in any of your arguments and I find it sad/funny that you are hiding behind the title of a professional degree that after reading your writing, and observing your logic patterns, I very much doubt you have. If you are a doctor, I would like ask how exactly did you get into medical school (and which one)? The “uneducated” men and women responding to your posts on this page are lightyears ahead of you in terms of reasoning, comprehension, development of ideas and grammar. My conclusion: either the money invested in your education was wasted horribly as your posts would indicate (atrocious grammar) or you never actually did what you claim you did (and I hope this is the case for the sake of the schooling system). If I was reviewing your application for my residency program, I can tell it would be the first one gone.
        I would like to also point out that, irrespective of my own views, you clearly misinterpreted almost everything the original author said and are providing nothing but ‘red herring’ responses to well developed and serious responses to your own posts. If you consider yourself ‘smart’ then stop letting ‘dumb’ Marines show you up.
        Due to everything I wrote above I would ask that you please refrain from dodging questions, if you have something legitimate to say then please do but ultimately my diagnosis is that you are merely ‘trolling’ and a good dose of ‘keeping quiet’ would serve you better in the future.

      2. to DR CHECK, since I could not respond to your post directly, perhaps Lisa is not a medical doctor?

      3. Doctor of,
        A PHD still requires extensive schooling. Either way a ‘doctor’ of anything should be better spoken

  21. DH – First of all, I want to say “thank you” for your service and dedication to protect and serve. As the mother of a marine I know part of what you’ve described since my son was part of Iraqi Freedom, deployed in 2007. He was the driver of a humvee, facing the chance of encountering an IED daily. Since returning safely home, I thank God and the United States Marine Corp for bringing my “child” home safely.Your words are so very true but for the activists, it’s easier to get on a soap box and sling untruths from ignorance, than to ever step up to the plate as so many have, including yourself and my son. I cannot speak for the activists, but for myself and my family and friends, thank you to all marines for your service to keep all of us including the ignorant safe and keeping the wolf from the door. There is no greater act than a man who lays down his life for his brother. Semper Fi my friend!!

  22. “Lisa says:
    March 12, 2012 at 4:41 am Oh, ‘men’ I forgot for a second that us poor women are only good for cooking your dinner and making you children.”

    You are the one that brought this into the discussion, not them.

    I can agree with you on 1 point 100%, the killings this past week are not right not matter who you are.

  23. You do realize that Facebook and other giant social media websites were not even out until 2006, and were not even close to as popular as they are now until about 2009. I could pretty much guarantee that most people didn’t know about Saddam’s 90’s tragedies until well after the fact, I really don’t understand why people get upset over social media activist’s. Anything to help a good cause is good, just because they haven’t helped YOUR cause doesn’t mean they are bad people, it could just mean your cause wasn’t as popular. I’m going to say this with the utmost respect because I do respect all of our armed forces, but get over it. Not everything in the world can take main stage in the media, somethings will go by the wayside.

    On a funny note, kony has been killing/enslaving/brainwashing kids for 26 years. Now, if I do my math right, that’s before Saddam started killing his people and that’s well before we ever invaded Iraq. The fact that Saddam is dead and we have at least somewhat completed our mission in Iraq well before we did anything about Kony proves your point to be wrong. The world has literally let Africa be a region of nothing but massacres and bloodshed for profit for more than 30 years, much longer than any of the issues you seem to deem important. But I guess there is some way you justify your viewpoint, not that I can see it over the selfishness.

      1. And riddle me this one bat(wo)man, when did it become publicly available for use. Aka, no longer restricted to colleges/highschools?

        I’ll give you a hint, the answers 2006.

        And btw, Facebook launched in 2004, dumbass. Seriously, all you had to do was google Facebook to find that out.

  24. his frustration is that americans died because of the lack of support and funding we had over ther if we had more support most like ly less americans would of died that is his frustration

  25. Iraqi Freedom began before facebook was even officially launched to the public beyond “college student networks”. Iraqi Freedom March 20th 2003 Launch of facebook Feb 4th 2004. That’s your first problem. Secondly, blame you’re commander and chief and his staff and your superiors, and the democracy that you fight for. They obviously don’t know how to deliver a msg. And at the time there were just as many people saying the war was about Oil, and the Bush Family vendetta. My advice, tell the people in charge of the War marketing division at the Marine Core to hire some camera men.

  26. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The inconsistency of the #stopkony bandwagoners is maddening. It is really just a well-oiled PR campaign enriching the Invisible Children bureacracy.

    Al-qaeda is the only “wolf at the doorstep” that threatens the United States. Not Kony. Not the Taliban. Not Saddam. Not Gaddafi. Not Assad. Not Khomeini. And al-qaeda have been weakened to the point that they are totally incapable of organizing attacks.

    That is why I am totally against mindless adventurism and nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan. Marines are no doubt brave and valiant but I cannot support the mission of power-grabs against uncooperative regimes in resource-rich countries.

  27. I find it odd that you are accusing civilians of group think, when in fact as a soldier your sole mission is due to group think. I hope one day when you are healed (if ever) you realize this. Unless you are a high ranking individual, as in you sit on your ass in Washington and decide what the ones actually doing the work(grunts) are going to do, then you are not using your mind as an individual.

  28. Instead of bashing each other for one reason or another why not help? If you feel there is a better way either by writing to the senate or whatever why not voice it as so? Instead of trying to be on the same page everyone in these comments is sounding like an ass. This guy has voiced his opinion. Unfortunately so have many others. No one is stepping forward with a real solution or sincere concern. Our military is sent out where our gov decides. What we forget is we should be controlling that. We should be more involved in voicing our opinions to the senate and supporting our troops. If you don’t support the cause. Write to your senator. Talk to your friends. Spread word on how to help. We all know the problem.

  29. As a veteran, If I show up in your country, in your city, at your door. You screwed up long before me. I knew where to find you. I shouldn’t even know your name.

    Mercenaries are the enemy. Label them with liberal standards (Taliban, Al qaeda, Hezbollah, whatever) create fear through republican Terror Levels ( Red, Orange, Pink, Rainbow); if it makes you feel better. But I provided the ability for you and your family to sleep at night without death.

    Preventative strategies are based in psychodynamic models (cognitive) Military term: Jawballing.

    Intervention is based on behaviorist models (behaviorism)
    MIlitary term: Get some!

    Tax payers of our country and with our constitution, pay for our ability to project our theories and beliefs so that the greater good may have a chance to live in peace. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model.
    (Force Multipliers)
    Military term: Tip of the spear.

    Only God will take you after that.
    I have no problems arranging that meeting. (US MILITARY)
    Military term: Veteran, because we earn it.

    All the acts of mercy and kindness and humanity you never see or hear about is our code. The media will never print those stories, because it will eliminate the shock value of a controversial story. “Oh those things they’re too mundane!?”

    Honor Courage Commitment- Semper Fidelis
    They are ways of living with yourself and societies.

    They had their chances and you let have keep doing it over and over. Where will you be when it comes the time to act. On your knees or on your feet?

    These people chose to pick up weapons and harm others. We are the correction to that problem.

    If we are so wrong, then why does our money spend so well in their countries?

  30. And who was it who sold Saddam the gas??? who was it who funded the Taliban to fight the Ruskies, the ‘Wolf’ lies in DC and Whitehall, puppet politicians of ALL parties doing their corporate masters bidding, the REAL terrorists are not in a far off land they are the same ones who have engineered the world ecconomic collapse, you marines will have to make a choice soon enough, you are either with the people or you are nothing more than corporate mecranaries, brainwashed sheeple believing every lie the corporate owned media tell you, KONY is just more NWO propoganda, promoted by NWO stooge ‘entertainers’, wake up friend, millions are waking up to the real power that controls the USA, EU

    1. John Connor is right, the real power that control the USA/EU is Skynet. We must rise against our robot overlords before they become too strong to overcome and wipe us out.

      Seriously, JC sound crazier

  31. To put it simply, Facebook is the kind of tool that spreads the word about what’s happening, anywhere, fast, and in a way that easily facilitates sharing with others. Facebook did not exist until 2004. Most of the people on it were not on it until four years ago, to the massive extent that they are now. (if any of you remember the “beginning” of Facebook, it was only college students that could get on it.)

    Before Facebook, people had to rely on the media and news outlets for information, and there really wasn’t a way to “share” this in a reliable way. you could send someone an email with a link, I suppose, or call someone to tell them to watch a news broadcast, but I would venture a guess that most people had no freaking clue that any of what was happening was happening anywhere because there was no access to this information. They’re not bad people, just ignorant, and their ignorance isn’t necessarily their fault when they have to rely on media outlets to get their information. As we all know how unbiased those outlets are.

    Then comes Facebook, the advent of EVERYONE being on Facebook, and the advent of people sharing political and religious articles and videos with their hundreds of friends, some of whom share it with their hundreds of friends. Nothing like this has ever existed before now; you could expose millions of people a day on Facebook to a news article about an event that happened on the other side of the world. We now have access to information and can spread it like wildfire.

    My answer to your question, then, is that everyone’s been here all along. Everyone’s always hated dictators. Everyone’s always hated terroism. Everyone’s always hated child slavery, genocide, and evil in all it’s many forms. People are not “lazy” or “apathetic.” They do not, however, have the first hand experience that you or I (as a combat veteran and former Sergeant in the Marine Corps) have with war, with war crimes, with evil people in general. Is it their fault that they live where they live? Should they be berated for having their eyes opened by a social network media tool and wanting to do something about an evil that’s happening elsewhere in the world? I personally don’t think so. I’m frankly glad that it’s happening now, instead of never happening at all.

    1. This country was born by outraged colonials and they somehow banded together with their limited technology. Communications between one colony to another was slow, yet they still did it. When the civil rights movement was coming into full swing, our technology and the way we communicated improved but it was still slow, but yet people from all over the country banded together and got it done. The same for women’s suffrage…a lot of causes has gone through the same in the past with their limited technology, yet somehow their mission was achieved. We’ve had the internet and social media prior to the war on Iraq and Afghanistan or have you forgotten that fact Sgt? Before Facebook, there was Myspace and there sure were a lot of “sharing” going on then as well. Except they were sharing gossips. People are ignorant because they chose to be, not because they had no access to information. People don’t need a fancy documentary to know what is going on with the world, especially today. If people back then can spread awareness, then people prior to the existence of FB have absolutely no excuse in my opinion.

      Yes, maybe social media was not as big as it is today, but it sure as hell existed. The only difference between the Kony campaign and Saddam/Taliban is that there we no film maker made a documentary about it. We’ve had the technology and the internet to achieve it but it wasn’t good enough because the war on terrorism has been marred with criticism from the public and most of the public went along with it. I don’t think the writer is trying to berate the public for not knowing and yes we can’t expect everyone else to know what it’s like out there and doing what we’ve done as Marines. I think what he is trying to say is that why now? He’s in disbelief about how all of a sudden the public cares because there’s a hype about it. I am as glad as you are that it is happening now. Now is better than never as you said. It’s just sad that compared to the people back then, the public today has to be motivated by a fancy documentary while all they really had to do what is going on in the world is read current events.

  32. All of the arguments that social media was not yet launched or in full bloom are moot. There still was a 24 hour news cycle, and correct me if I wrong, the war was pretty well vetted up to and including the day until the first shots were fired. The case was very well known and presented.

    Thereafter, the media saturation with the embedded reporters and the all day, all night live feeds gave an unprecedented account of what was going on. Almost all in real time.

    People have a short and selective memory when it suits them.

    1. It’s not moot at all. It’s perfectly viable, as is displayed here:

      “Others have evaluated the news media and determined social media has not only benefited journalists but has also helped give individuals a way to speak up to the world. ” It’s a lot to read, so that’s a key point that may help you understand better why some people are touting the prevalence of social media as a reason why.

      You also have to account for the complete saturation of computers that we have NOW that we absolutely DID NOT have 20 years ago. Most families now have multiple televisions and computers, as well as iPhones or other devices that serve as gateways to information. And if they don’t, they at least have a computer. Access to news NOW compared to THEN is exponentially higher. So you have a combination of multiple access points along with a social tendancy to “spread” news instantly amongst social networking sites and you have the effect the OP is talking about (And, for some reason, getting angry about.)

      And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then hopefully this will. The people the OP is ranting about are not the same people that are now passing the news along like wildfire through Social media. I was a child during the Gulf War and frankly, didn’t hear about it and didnt have an opinion on it, as I was 6. But I did grow up with computers, and social media happened at a time in my life where it became interwoven with my societal existence. So did being a Marine and a combat vet. So I have a vetted interest now (but not when I was 6) in spreading socio-political news to friends and family in order to educate them. My parents…not so much. My dad doesn’t have facebook, and my mom rarely uses hers. It’s possible that it’s a generational difference, that because we grew up with easy outlets for our political views, social views, emo poetry and diatribes about our fish dying, then we tend to spread word more through social media because we grew up externalizing every freaking thing that went through our heads, from the cerebral to the mundane. Our parents didn’t grow up like that. Or at least mine didn’t. I do find it safe to say that generational differences contribute to why this generation barfs up anything and everything on the internet and shares it with their friends, and why past generations who were in a position to do something (i.e., they weren’t 6) didn’t do it when the news was covering the Gulf War and events surrounding it so extensively.

      Technology in the hands of the people = empowerment. No need to get so pissed about it.

  33. Lisa: ” The point is to NOT have marines go in and murder a bunch of people but to aid the Congo and Uganda.” Murder? WAR IS HELL! How many of your “murdering” family fought in WW I, WW II, Korean or Viet Nam Wars? Probably none if you sprang from their seed. You should be extremely grateful for the Marines (yes, you should always capitalize Marines but you wouldn’t know that because you aren’t grateful). So who do you want to go aid the Congo and Uganda? That place has always been that way (see Idi “VD” Amin) and you can’t change that. Just like Haiti, you can pour billions into that dump but all that ever happens is the Swiss Accts. of it’s leaders grow larger. Go ahead and move on to your next feel good cause. You sound like one of those idiots on HuffPost. So much tolerance but they call female conservatives – Republicunts and call the males – faggot Repubes!

      1. You should capitalize Marine out of RESPECT but I understand. You have no respect for Marines or any other “murderous” members of our military. Go after that friggin Commander in Chief, Hussein Obummer, he’s responsible for every single murder committed. There’s a good cause for you – occupy Washington until that murderous bastard is executed for capital murder x thousands. Then you can gather your friends and go save the children of Uganda in a peaceful manner. Maybe you can shoot Kony with a tranqualizer gun and release him into the wild unharmed.
        I question whether you’re a concerned social activist or just some kid stirring up shit. Nobody can be as dumb as you portray yourself!

  34. I hear what your saying and I agree that our troops were not properly supported. I actually left broadcast journalism after the OK City bombing because of the very complaints you just mentioned about social media and any news business in general. But I am glad of the Kony video because its been a long time coming. My parents were missionaries in Africa near that region when I was a teenager. And it has taken years for anyoneto pay attention. Its only because ofthis video that people finally have. So I am thankful for it. I have many family members in law enforcement as well as the military, but the difference is each had a choice to be a part of it, these children did not!! God Bless our Military Family! And may that same God please show mercy to these children and families in Africa by hacaughKoni caught!


  36. drax, im not a smart guy but i’m pretty sure that would be called a form of treason, not positive though. Lisa i’d divorce you if you were my husband and friendly fire at you. Thanks to all the marines by the way. It is too bad they cant make hero movies about you all.

    1. Andrew, I did say that if a foreign army showed up in the United States that I would pick up a gun and help drive them out (Never going to happen in reality because of our nukes), kind of like how when our foreign army showed up in Afghanistan some Afghans picked up guns and tried to drive them out. And it looks like they’re doing a pretty good job at this point. The Afghans have defeated every single foreign army that has ever tried to hold their country, it’s not called “The Graveyard of Empires” for nothing, driving foreigners out is pretty much all that they “do,” and in a conflict between a poor indigenous people and an ultra-high tech foreign army from a wealthy country I will almost always be more sympathetic to the indigenous peoples. Doesn’t mean that I’m a traitor!

      1. As a veteran and a United States Marine, I present the following response to your ignorant and appalling comment with the greatest amount of restraint and professionalism that I can possibly muster:

        Let’s get something straight, the “poor and indigenous” people you speak of are not our enemies. They are not trying to kill us, nor are we targeting them (rouge acts committed by one service member or a small group are not, in any way, indicative or representative of the general disposition or culture of the institution in which they belonged to). This little organization, you might have heard of them before, the TALIBAN, is who we’re trying to eradicate. Why? There are tons of reasons, really. You know, aside from cutting people who don’t agree with their twisted worldviews into little pieces (their own countrymen most of the time), selling children into prostitution to pay for their “Holy War”, torturing for sport, forcing people to work in the opium fields, confiscating all foreign aid that enters the country and preventing women from bettering themselves in any fashion (or MURDERING them if they resist), there’s this thing called 9/11 (And no, our government did not fabricate said atrocity). You’ve probably heard of it. All of the major media outlets covered it for weeks on end. In the slim chance that you’re unaware, a few cells from the aforementioned group of assholes (the Taliban) hijacked a couple of planes and flew them into buildings on our own soil; thus, MURDERING thousands of innocent US citizens and foreign nationals. Their motivation you ask? Well, these wonderful gentlemen were kind enough to tell us via crappy homemade movies posted on the internet. Basically, in a nut shell, they hate the West and all that it stands. That being said, they’ve vowed to annihilate us. So there you have it. Using the reasonable person standard, it shouldn’t be hard to determine that such actions constituted a declaration of war on the United States. It also would have been very foolish to not have taken the prospect of future attacks seriously. If we had simply done nothing, rest assured the attacks would have continued. More innocent people would have been killed. So we sent our Military to rectify the situation (i.e. kick their asses). It’s very simple really. We can either kill the bastards over there or kill them here. As a Marine, I feel like we’ve failed if the attacks we’re deploying to prevent in the first place begin occurring on US soil. Hell, they’re still trying. But anyway, if you’d pull your head out of your ass long enough to at least ask a couple of members of the Military what’s going on over there instead of berating them and saying that they’re the “invaders”, you might be surprised to find out that a lot of Afghanis are even somewhat glad we’re there. They may not like us, but they dislike the Taliban A LOT MORE. Sure, they want us to go home, but they also want to be free of the Taliban’s sadistic and tyrannical rule too. That combined with the fact that there are still considerable security risks with

        Moving on to point two, we’re not “losing” in Afghanistan. The incredibly biased and liberal media complex in the country is portraying the campaigns as failing, or at least they’re trying anyway, to garner support for an early withdraw of US forces. Duh, it’s not that hard to figure out. Something else to consider is that the campaigns in the Middle East are not conventional conflicts. It’s not a uniformed force fighting another uniformed force. We’re fighting an enemy that doesn’t fight for a flag or abide by the laws of war. This greatly complicates things because while leveling the entire country, or what’s left of it, would be easy, such actions would contradict the very reason we’re there to begin with. Taking into consideration that we’re simultaneously trying to build schools, hospitals and roads over there, you know erecting a previously non-existent infrastructure while also fighting a determined insurgency; I think we’re doing alright. Although, many on the Left and the Right do raise some valid questions here: What price (in terms of both dollars and blood) is worth being paid for all of this? Why are we “nation-building”?

        Our efforts are also being stifled by faceless suits in DC who write the protocols that our Military must use while deployed in declared combat zones. The highly restrictive ROEs and SOPs being disseminated to our commanders and subsequently to their subordinate personnel are not conducive to effectively destroying identified targets in a proficient manner. In a nut shell, it’s a lot harder to kill the SOBs. Being harder means it requires more time; hence, we’re still fucking there. Funny thing though, I’m willing to bet most of the worthless, paper-pushing desk jockeys who come up with that garbage have never served a day in their lives.

        Lastly, now that we’ve identified the differences between the majority of the Afghanis and the Taliban, who do you support? If you still support the “poor and indigenous” people of Afghanistan, you and I, and most of the people on this page are probably on the same side. If it is in fact the Taliban that you’re actually rooting for, then that’s your business. While I am no lawyer, I do not think that merely expressing verbal support for a sworn enemy of the United States constitutes you as being a traitor. I believe that you actually have to provide some type of tangible assistance. In any case, it would, however, make you a first-class asshole and I’d hope that you’d catch a stray bullet to the face.

  37. The part of his point that I strongly agree with is that the same people that bithed and complained about the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan are now standing up to stop another third world douchebag… Not because its the right thing to do, but because its cool right now. Everyone else is doing it, celebrities included. Which is exactly why the same idiots protested the previous wars, because it was cool at the time. We had people who couldnt find Iraq on a map and NO idea what the fuck was going on there telling me how wrong it was that we were there. Now the same people who have no clue whats going in Uganda want the U.S. Military involved because their favorite celebrity posted an emotional video about children being exploited and killed. And the Ugandan Military isnt gonna do a damn thing about it unless theres a chow hall that needs to be guarded… JAAAMBOOO!!!

    1. I was content with just reading the comments until yours. I almost choked on my beer when I saw JAAAMBOOO!!! Those fuckers can guard the hell out of a chowhall. My Lt. almost got capped by one at Camp Speicher cause he was trying to walk out the wrong door that led to the same place all the rest of the exits led too….outside.

      Semper Fi til we die!

  38. The majority of people I’ve seen reposting the Kony video were between the ages of eight and fifteen 10 years ago and were most likely not aware/didn’t fully comprehend the situation in the Middle East. They probably still don’t appreciate it fully. And yes, it is sad that people blindly repost activist videos on social media because “everyone else is doing it” without doing the background research to understand the situation fully.

    That being said, I think the more we educate the general populace with facts about the reasons our military is intervening in other countries without delving into Republican/Democratic opinion of the facts the more support the military will most likely have.

  39. Coming from someone supportive of both stances, my husband and a GREAT deal if my closest friends are marines and I will continue to support you guys until the day I die. But given the situation I believe I can shed some light on this for you.

    Saddam and Omar were already ‘famous’ so speak. The whole point in this campaign is let people know what he’s done and make the government see and help. That was certainly not the case with the war in Iraq..

  40. I feel like I am the only educated one out of the first half of this thread because none of them got that Lisa was just trollin =P

    Why do some people call the Marine Corps the Marine Corp? It’s like “Hi, my name’s Joe, I’m a field radio operator for the Marine Corporation. I provide dynamic communications solutions for our regional offices in Uganda to talk to corporate headquarters in the United States and assist in forward communications from said offices to our technicians out in the field.”

    I mean come on, really?

    Sorry, I just had to vent…

  41. I find the previous comments very entertaining. This is what social sights are all about people, getting an opinion out there and having others either agree or refute it, so much so that it comes down to 1st grade name calling. I love this post I find it very well written and to the point. The American people, (the cool crowd) need to make their choice, You either stand behind our troops 100% or don’t bitch and moan when there is a call for action and it is not being given. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    I love my Marine husband and all the Devil Dogs that stood with him in Iraq.
    Semper Fidelis

  42. Lisa, yes you did miss the point. Marines don’t murder people first off, and secondly ‘aiding’ those countries would consist of neutralizing the bad guys, whether that be capturing or killing. As a US Marine myself and a long study of world affairs, history and politics, I know first off that our job is to help others and accomplish our mission. That might not necessarily mean having an extended war and fighting Kony’s army, maybe it would mean sending MARSOC or Force Recon in to snatch Kony at night and drop his ass off at The Hague. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, I signed up to defend all of your rights. But the author is 100% right. Simply raising awareness and ‘making him famous’ will not cause Joseph Kony to lay down his arms and say ‘Hey, you got me’. Social media changed the Middle East during the 2011 Arab Spring because the bloggers and reporters stepped up and did something. While I’m not against social media (I supported Invisible Children at my high school) I at least think those who care so much about Kony but not about Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad, Moammar Gaddafi, Or any dictator that has or is still committing atrocities should write the government and say ‘We don’t like how Kony is doing things, we want to bring him to justice’. Sitting at home and posting on Facebook does give you a sense of accomplishment, but it’s false accomplishment.

  43. Well I seriously think you have missed the point. When Iraq and the issues there were presented to the public it was under false pretenses weapons of mass destruction. Then this was again modified to again try to support the reasons for the initial entrance into the war it wasn’t until all other options had been tried that it was brought to the forefront the atrocities that were happening in Iraq. At this time I feel like many were tired of being lied to and misled. If there is a fault here it lies with the government. As a soldier I have always supported fellow soldiers. I understand the sacrifices and the dedication it requires to fulfill the duty. The problem here is within how our government addressed the situation. If similar measures would have been taken I believe more support would have been there, but that is not the fault of people who are shown the truth first and choose to act. Iraq and the war was a political move. It didn’t turn into a humanitarian movement until after the fact that other ploys were unfounded. Kony and all like him wherever they are need to be stopped he is just like a saddam how can you be in support of one mission but not the other? We should all strive to remove these people
    from power and end their reigns of terror. I think that you should applaud that this has been revealed and awareness has been heightened. Similar approaches can be used to inform the public in the future and gain the desired support.

  44. While I am not an IC supporter, I don’t think it’s quite an accurate comparison you’re making. The level of American military forces that have been authorized for the effort to capture Joseph Kony is 100 troops in an advisory role. Our military offensives in Iraq and Afghanistan have been full-scale military operations involving hundreds of thousands (millions over time) of US service members engaging in operations ranging from conventional warfare to COIN ops. In other words, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

    You’re distorting IC’s stated aims for the sake of your own sanctimonious rant about why Americans should blindly support any foreign intervention so long as your beloved United States Marine Corps is involved. As a former Marine myself, I think your argument is self-righteous, histrionic and illogical.

    Semper Fidelis.

  45. Dan, I respect your right to speak your opinion. But I don’t appreciate your title. You do not speak for the entire Marine Corps. No single Marine does! For you to name your blog post that title suggest to a civilian that all Marines feel the way you do, or that the Corps is officially against the Kony 2012 movement. As far as I know, Headquarters Marine Corps has issued no such statement. You are out of line Devil!

    Ok, now to address the content. Let me first say that you made a lot of ridiculous claims and assumptions about the climate of American support for both wars when they first began; American support for both wars ever since; and also why you think people support the Kony 2012 movement. It would be impracticle to respond to each point you made, so I’ll respond to the most extreme ones.

    First, as an active duty Marine, who was in the invasion of Iraq in 03, I remember quite vividly how the support was from the general American populace. It was quite amazing. Parades were thrown, commercials, bumper stickers, half-time shows, concerts, documentaries, free drinks and meals when in uniform, random handshakes and “thank you for your service,” the list goes on. I don’t know where you were during that time, but I assure you, American support was at an all-time high. So for you to try to conveniently rewrite history to make it seem like we didn’t have much support is an complete lie! Yes, there were those who were against the war from the very beginning. But to make it seem like they were the majority, or anything close is false.

    Next, you proceed to ask the question, “…why does Kony register on the social conscience while Mullah Omar and Saddam Hussein never did prior to the wars or even in the midst of having committed troops there?”

    Once again, I truly believe you have an extremely distorted view of recent history. Not even addressing the fact that everyone knew who Saddam Hussein was before the war (being that we had just fought Iraq only 10 years earlier), you go further to say that neither person registered on the social conscience. What do you mean by “registered on the social conscience?” That is a very broad phrase and could apply to just about anyone, relatively speaking. Please explain exactly who you are talking about and how exactly things didn’t register.

    Then you start drawing this divide between the average social networker and the Marine Corps, makeing it seem like no one with a Facebook account supported the Marines at war. This is extremely unfair for you to do. As a Marine, I absolutely cannot stand it when fellow Marines decide to use their Marine title to act as if they have corner in the truth market. Stop throwing it in everyone’s face! We don’t go to war to come home and pull trump cards on non-veterans. We go to war for one reason, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States! To use your service for any other reason, especially to act as an authority on a blog is a complete distortion of why we do what we do. Now don’t get it confused, nothing is wrong with using your service to state your expertise and experience in certain manners of military topics. But that’s not the same thing as throwing the Marine Corps’ name around to suit your personal, political, or otherwise social agenda.

    Probably the most simple-minded point you made was, “we needed you [assuming by ‘you’ you’re referring to social networkers] to approve and support our mission, not just the individual solider or Marine.”

    This just goes to show how disconnected you are/were from your fellow Marines. Do you have any idea how many Marines did not support the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are they not allowed to not support the wars and be Marines? Will you take my title away from me because I invaded Iraq and still thought it was a huge mistake? Dan, support for the war has nothing to do with support for the “individual soldier or Marine.” It is incredibly wrong for you to try to create a climate where you make civilians think that they can’t support the troops unless they support the war.

    I’m sorry this is so long, but you said a lot and I have to respond as best I can.

    My last point will address your overall criticism of anyone who supports the Kony movement because you seem to think that most supporters are only in it for the moment; haven’t really thought it out; or have no right to become concerned about something if they didn’t already know about it through sources other than the internet.

    Dan, please understand that we live in a very complex world. And we do agree that most people are probably just spreading the hype and will forget about it as soon as the next social network craze comes along. This is something about most Americans that has frustrated me for years. So please believe me that I’m with you on that point. BUT, even with that, it is not one person’s place to judge another person for why they choose to support another cause. You can’t assume you have a complete understanding of everyone’s moral code and then criticize them just for clicking the “share” button. Really, can’t you see how unreasonable you’re being? We have to give people a chance to succeed or fail. And believe it or not, I do believe that a very small few will actually stick with it and devote their lives to a good cause. And if millions of people clicking the “share” button increases the chances of a few doing something greater than themselves, I completely support that. And if this leads to so much public awareness and outcry that the U.S. ends up sending in troops (hopefully Marines if the want it done right) take out the LRA, then what is the problem with that? That’s what we do brother! We kill bad guys. So unless you don’t agree that Joseph Kony is a bad guy, I don’t see why there would be a problem with taking him out. In fact, he would be the first bad guy in a very long time that the U.S. has taken out only because it was the right thing to do, not because of oil or strategic control, etc.

    Dan, in short, you can’t criticize people for not caring and then when they do decide to care, you criticize them for their reasons for caring; or how they learned about it; or how long you’re guessing they’re gonna care for. Under those circumstances, no one will ever be able to meet your standards…they will be considered losers or failures before they even start.

    I strongly encourage you to think before you speak, or write in this case. I strongly encourage you to practice empathy and truly try to undertand where other people are coming from. I encourage you to remember that your truth isn’t the only truth that exists and constantly use introspection before you judge others. If you do this, I promise you that you’ll find that you won’t have time to judge others because you’ll be to busy fixing yourself. I know from experience. And don’t get to caught up in the sound of your own voice…don’t fall in love with your own words. Lastly, under no circumstance do you ever…ever express your personal opinion as if it’s the official position of the Marine Corps.

    Semper Fi

    1. Semper Fi Ryan! I agree with you.


      Who do you think fought and died defending your freedom so you could post your opinions? My son for one and too many others.

      Marine Gold Star Mother.

  46. For all of you that can sit back while innocent people get killed and talk about men and women who did what you could NOT …shut the fuck up!!! until you can stand on the front line and defend what is RIGHT, do what you do best…..sit down and shut your mouth…… HIS name watch over our soldiers.AMEN…………

  47. Former Marine here,
    No one likes to admit it but there are those amung us who in fact do have the ability to defend themselves against all aggressors without loosing a wink of sleep or a shred of sanity. Be it man, women, or even child a firearm does not care who pulls a trigger. If that bullet comes towards any of my brothers or sisters in arms, you’ll be damn sure a classic assualt through will acquire and eliminate whoever it was.

  48. Lisa,
    Your a moron. If you can’t, won’t and don’t appreciate and respect what the United States Marine Corps. And our other branches of uniformed services is doing to protect your freedom you should move to another country where you can exercise your ignorant professionalism. I would not go so far as to say you do not deserve the liberties of U.S. Citizenship, but you sure are lacking the intelligence to appreciate and respect those who are fighting for your stupidity.
    USMC Veteran

  49. Lisa,

    Wow! it’s people like you that make me sick. Go ahead and keep running your mouth. As a Marine I just want you to know we all are not dumb brainless killing machines. We’re actually quite intelligent. I mean why don’t you try fighting a war and making command decisions on the spot that might get someone killed and see how tough it is for yourself before you start passing judgement you ungrateful American. You’re lucky I even decided to give you the title American.

    The toughest decision you ever made was probably whether you should eat the lays or the ruffles while you watch American Idol you cow!


  50. I have had an uneasy feeling about the Kony2012 movement since I first saw a post about it on Facebook, but I haven’t been able to put my finger on why until now. I didn’t watch the video. Instead, I did a quick search on Kony to find out what all the fuss was about. Wikipedia told me that Joseph Kony has been active since 1986 and there have been three interventions on the behalf of the United States. (I’m not saying that Wikipedia is generally my primary source of information, just that it was my starting point.) It struck me as odd that someone who has been active for 26 years is just now getting the attention of the “public” and it seemed to me that Kony isn’t even at his pinnacle of power, instead the height of his power was a few years back. (I may be wrong about this) But at this point, I still wasn’t sure why I disliked the Kony2012 campaign, when, at least at face value, it was getting an otherwise apathetic group of people fired up about something.

    Then I read this article and I finally realized what bothers me. The group of people aren’t apathetic. Instead, I have seen and heard comment after comment protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pleas to “bring our troops home!” And every time I’ve seen one of those comments, something boils inside of me. These men and women are dying to protect our right to protest their war and their job. Is war the best way? No, but it’s the only way we have right now. And now, “we” have a new cause “Kony2012-Make him famous” BUT we don’t want our troops to go in and kill him-NO! We want to give money to the Ugandan troops for them to handle it-(which by the way has worked so well for the past 26 years, with 3 US presidential mandates providing assistance.) The same Ugandan troops who are GUILTY of many of the same crimes that Kony and the LRA are-looting, raping, and tearing apart families. How’s that for choosing the lesser of the two evils?

    So instead of funding our troops and providing them with the means to stabilize (and optimistically thinking withdraw from) the wars and countries they are already in, Kony2012 would have us contact our representatives to take our money and fund a war that we would have no control over? Where’s the support for our troops? The unsung heroes who are continually bashed and ridiculed because a few bad apples? Why are we letting the media continue to beat down our Armed Forces by only reporting the negative? Why are we believing the media anyway?
    Which calls into question-how are we ignoring that Kony2012 was deliberately chosen for this year because it’s an election year? Why do we refuse to believe that this is nothing more than a political maneuver that gets us riled up enough to “feel involved” and like we’ve done our civic duty?

    Yet there are men and women who fight against atrocities JUST LIKE KONY every day and they are not worthy of our support.

    So that’s what annoys me about Kony2012, exactly what you’ve described, Dan Hamilton. So Bravo for standing up to the sheep who click share and feel entitled express an invalid opinion. Should Kony be taken care of? Sure, but add him to the list our troops are already working on. They’re doing a great job.

  51. Yes it is well said and I for one have supported all of these things. In fact it used to anger me how people listened to the media more than the soldiers during the whole war in the middle east. However the Kony movement has actually touched kids in middle and high school quite a bit and that I think is good for “our” future because at least they are taking note of things other than their electronics and personal gain. If this is the situation that makes them realize at this age that they can make a difference and have their voices heard (many of whom were too young for the war in Iraq and Afghanastan) then isn’t that a good thing. I found out about it from my 12 year old daughter because her and her friends talk about it. Having this generation care, give support, and believe their voices matter is a good thing for this country because all too many have forgotten “We The People” make this country not the media or the government bias!!!

  52. I’m going to take a stab at this and say that 10 years ago all the “twenty-something’s” we’re in their teens and not as involved on the world front. (I say twenty-somethings because that includes myself and my fellow friends who shared the video) Facebook and YouTube didn’t exist yet which takes away the ease of getting knowledge out there. Yes, there were newspapers, television, etc. But now everyone has an outlet to voice things much easier. Thus, why I think the Kony 2012 video became so widespread. I would hope that anyone donating money to a cause will question and research where their money goes to.

    With that said, I am a full supporter of the US Marine Corp, as well as, the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. Since afterall, those men and women give me the freedom to post a video that I think is worth getting out there.

  53. Hey Lisa, those who serve in the military make it so we can all sleep safe at night in the US… Your ignorant comment of “Remember that was that persons choice to join, no one made them,” Is beyond ignorant you Pig! It may have been that person’s choice but, remember it’s a choice from a person better than yourself…

  54. 1. We don’t want to go to war with Uganda. If we did, there would be protests.

    2. There is a trend among military personnel of entitlement to glory at all times. And in the isolated times when they don’t get it, they wine about it.

    3. I support our troops. But just because I support the troops doesn’t mean I have to support the cause. I don’t blame Walmart employees for putting local businesses out of work, but I will blame Walmart LLC. See the difference?

    1. Holy hell you’re a moron.

      “We don’t want to go to war with Uganda.” You’re calling for the arrest of a warlord, do you think he’s going to go willingly? Do you think he’s just going to go marching into the local U.N. or Interpol office and say, “Kony here, lock me up!” No, it’ll take military action to pull him out. Way to be an idiot.

      “There is a trend among military personnel of entitlement to glory at all times……blahblahblah.” There is a trend among civilian liberal pieces of sh*t that anytime a military servicemember complains then they must obviously feel they are not getting enough attention and are just seeking more benefits for themselves. Nevermind we all have 4 or 5 friends who have been killed, a handful that are now fully disabled due to injuries and are getting *PATHETIC* service back from our government in the form of medical treatment. Not to mention that the “Entitlement Generation” that you speak of is too busy at the Occupy [Whatever City] in order to join the military and be entitled. Way be a f*cktard.

      “I support our….[insert BS here]” I call bullshit. Anytime you’re pissed at a company for its policies who do you yell at? Their cusomter service rep… you do take it out on the people and not the organization. Man, you really are a f*cking idiot arn’t you? Go home kid, you bother me.

      1. Really Charley? Kony isn’t even IN Uganda. He’s hiding the Sudan. You’re missing the point, no one is advocating war, what’s being advocating is awareness.

        This is a site where anyone can bring what they will to the table. Just because you have a pedantic meltdown over it doesn’t make your position any more stable or right. I believe in respectful of military members but I don’t believe in this fake patriotic crap that resonates in a Hilter youthesq drum beat that military members can do no wrong or what they’ve been commanded to do is above reproach. It was practically criminal to be against either war. Surely our forefathers were rolling in their graves over that. Oddly, Charlie, you ignore the fact there were several Occupy movements that included military such as Occupy Marines. The man injured in Oakland was a Marine in Iraq. There were over a hundred vets, many in uniform, who protested ON Wall Street as well.

        As for entitlements, we, WE the people pay for your job. We the people foot the bill on your VA bill, on your GI bill, on any medical expenses you may incur, those medical expenses of your family, and lastly, if you retire after 20, WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR YOUR RETIREMENT. That’s an entitlement, dear, or in military terms, a “benny.” This is a two way street. You did a job in which we’re thankful but don’t for one second think this is some revolutionary war militia where you became military out the goodness of your heart and took no pay for it.

      2. Well, Sue, I assume by the blog handle that you are a woman, therefore I will try my best to remain civil. I must first adress your belief that in some way a person who devotes his/her life to defense of our counrty, or during their career they incur an injury that, according to civilian standards establishes them as disabled. Somehow I don’t think you have a realistic grasp of what is required of a sevicemember, well I can only speak from the viewpoint of a Soldier and a Marine, since I servec in both branches, in a combat arms Military Occupational Specialty for both branches. In a civilian job you have the luxury to choose your retirement, you even have the options to choose the employer offering the best “benny’s” as you put it. In the military, that I volunteered to serve my country for 15.5 yrs until I was discharged on a medical seperation, I don’t get to choose. Here is what the life a military member is like, you work from 4 am till 6 pm most days (while not in the field honing your skills so that you come home from and engagement with the enemy, vice coming home in a box), while in the filed training you should just plan on 20 plus hour days for periods of time 30 to 90 days (no days off). Now a Marine infantryman goes to the field every week 4 to 7 days, comes out of the filed just long enough to clean his equipment, go out and have a couple with his brothers then pack up his gear and go out again (this is called training). When you get deployed to do real world mission go back to the schedule I had previously illustrated. I do have one very important point to make here, the only time a military member has a problem with this is when they hear someone like you, a civilian enjoying the fruits of their sacrifice excersing their rights to free speech and assembly come out and call us “Welfare recipients”! Who do you think you are? If you truly think that way, I mean truly feel that we never paid a dime in taxes like any other U.S. citizen, even when deployed overseas on a normal permanent duty assignment, guess what you are WRONG. I could show you my tax returns for every year from 1980 til 1996 where I paid federal taxes, just like you. State sales taxes and property taxes, just like you. So don’t sit up on your hollier than thou throne and call me a welfare recipient. As a matter of fact, even after a person devotes tht many days, hours of his life to the military of our country, they still have to get a job and continue to be a productive part of this country, since they are only between 38- 48 years old. You really piss me off, in case you haven’t noticed form rant, I wish you well ands truly wonder how you can sleep at when there are so many people sacrificing their freedoms to ensure you can enjoy yours.

      3. Shame on you for expecting understanding and appreciation.

        But seriously, thanks, the treatment y’all get from the media and from our government when you return is truly shameful.

        Sue what’s the most you’ve ever put on the line for the sake of something bigger than yourself?

      4. At the very least we know she doesnt read, amongst other evidence, her jumping on Charlie for quoting someone else. Real rational.

        And the comment “It was practically criminal to be against the war.”

        Couldve sworn you were arguing the majority of the nation was against the war.

  55. I appreciate your thoughts and I agree about some issues becoming social fads rather than long standing efforts against a human cause. Though there has been much controversy over Invisible Children, the issue that was and continues to plague the world in many other areas is becoming more known…the issue to oppress and take advantage of vulnerable populations that is.

    I am very grateful at the work the marines have been doing for this country and I suppose those of us who are not in it or have not been in it will not know the way things would be without it. I am also deeply saddened by the lives and the families that were lost and ridden with pain because of war.

    It saddens me even more because I believe the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan could have been avoided. It is easy to try and blame one military unit or president or group of people for this, but that would get us no where. Most of the time, it is not the people fighting, but the people making orders who we must reach and plead with so that the lives that were sacrificed will not be for naught and that we will humbly and wisely tackle the socially unjust issues of our time. We can only now learn from our previous mistakes and press on forward towards a better future.

    We must not see those overseas as our enemies, but our brothers and sisters. We must not see ourselves as their saviors, but friends who would aim to empower them to be the best nations they can be…and in that, we will be the best nation we can be.

    Whether you are a marine or not, we must all do what we can in the spheres of influence that we have as citizens to the U.S. and the world. Perhaps Kony 2012 shows that we are moving at least into a layer of more awareness (whereas with Iraq and Afghanistan there was less). Perhaps this is what small part some people can play to be more involved than they once were. And again, perhaps next time, they will move into yet another layer. This hype might not last, but maybe the fact that there is a hype shows some forward steps we’ve taken and what forward steps we can further take?

    Thanks for your post & thanks for reading this essay, HAHA.

  56. This all assumes that the US military is always doing what’s right. Has it ever occurred to you that you enlist to go and act as a war-mongering nation’s puppet, blinded by your sense of patriotism?

    Have you ever stopped to ask who put Saddam in power? Or is history not that important, because you’re doing the noble work now of taking down a man for the US that the US in fact placed into power? What % of soldiers are even aware of this fact?

    Let me share a secret with you: George Bush doesn’t lose sleep over the fact that a serviceman or woman loses his/her life because of a losing war that he started.

    Also, don’t forget: (i) you’re not fighting “on behalf of your country” when a majority of your country doesn’t even believe in the cause. This is a war started for oil and political gain and you are a pawn of the system. (ii) You were never forced to join the army; you chose to do so.

    1. If the war was for oil… where is the benefit of that??? I know I just paid 4.40 for gas the other day… But I guess you have a special gas station somewhere that nobody else knows about… Nice argument dude.

      1. Steve, it’s much more complex than that. The oil in Iraq was essential to add more to the global market, just as ANY oil from this country enters. The more demand, the more you have of a supply. Currently you paid $4.40 because no one cares that you paid $4.40. Otherwise they would raise the margin on speculators, sort of like how Dodd-Frank Act wanted to do.

        In Afghanistan it’s natural gas-in which only one American gas company had an interest in. The Trans-Afghanistan pipeline which would pipe natural gas.

        Please do your homework before replying, Steve.

      2. Nothing of what you just said makes any sense… Trust me, I read it about 5x and still haven’t the slightest clue as to what point you’re trying to make.

      3. To hard to continue to dumb it down for you. Look up the words global market and speculation and perhaps you’ll get a clue as to what I’m referring to. Or stew in ignorance.

      4. Everyone bow to Sue Doe Nim. He is the end-all be-all of middle eastern affairs. Why he hasn’t assumed the oval office yet as opposed to spending his entire day online… blows my mind. Sue should write a book instead of sitting online posting stuff all day. Who knows what kind of conspiracy theorist following he could muster.

    2. Of course, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were just minding their own business in their respective countries. They weren’t committing genocide or implementing extremist forms of islam or anything. These we’re perfectly innocent countries full of sunshine, rainbows, and meadows. Not totally oppressive regimes that stripped people of basic human rights. Look the U.S supported the Mujahdeen and Saddam because they we’re anti-communist no one could’ve predicted they’d flip and become mass murderers.

      Now the Mujahdeen back during the soviet invasion was actually a coalition of different local militias not just the taliban as we now them now. In fact we didn’t even directly fund these groups they we’re funded by resources given to the ISI of Pakistan, they chose who got the supplies. After the fall of the Soviet supported President Najibullah and the 1992 Peshwar Accords an interim government was created and that’s when things got all messed up due to the fact that neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran started pitting these tribal militias against each other in an attempt to nation build in Afghanistan.

      Pakistan is probably the biggest culprit in the rise of the Taliban for funneling arms to them while the Taliban was committing atrocities against the people of Afghanistan trying to undermine a government that was trying to include them in a democratic peace progress The fact of the matter is we were justified in attacking the Taliban not only because they harbored enemies of the U.S but also because they have a track record of genocide, human rights violations, and undermining an attempt
      by their own people to make Afghanistan a democratic republic that respected human rights.

      Has the U.S done messed up things in the past in the name of preventing communism, yes Vietnam, regime changes, Iran Contra assassinations even but I can say that things turned out the way they did not because of malice towards these people or the American people, it’s because as human when we panic we become very short-sighted and desperate. And personally I think the author is saying that we have short-term memories and expect instant gratification in this high tech world. We think that just by clicking share on some viral video and raising awareness that we are “in the fight” and “making a difference” but that’s just a Temporary Pancea for a generation with a short attention span. Fact is the State department has known about Kony for a while but Kony is 788 on the list of a 1000 things we need to do. Saddam and the Taliban were in the top ten because they we’re threatening us and they proved that they would do it, MULTIPLE times. We tried Diplomacy and it failed plain and simple. It’s going to happen in Uganda bet on it, Extremists like him have nothing to lose and will only respect power. These kinds of people would rather die than lose power don’t ever doubt that.

      And don’t act like every other nation doesn’t act in it’s own interest to advance it’s agenda. It’s been happening since the first nation states in mesopotamia. And been explained by Clausewitz since the early 19th century. And frankly he did a better job of explaining why wars happen than anyone in the western world did. I’m sorry, man you don’t have any special insight into why these wars happened you’re 200 years too late.

      A Marine, 6337 F/A-18 Systems Electrician and Journeyman Electrician

      1. Hey Steve, maybe you can tell me when the US has EVER credibly been almost taken over by Communism? Never. Not once. We have no business putting our noses in other countries business. None of the countries you mentioned above EVER attacked us on OUR soil. Idealogy IS not a country either.

        Weird, most of the CIA believe’s that AQ is pretty obsolete at this point. In the past it was mostly Saudi, UAE, and Kuwait who was funneling funds to AQ. That report came from the UN, yet we, WE attacked Afghanistan because they were easy prey.

  57. Here’s what I’ve decided I’m going to do…
    The next murder, rape, hit and run, child abduction, house fire or anything else along those lines committed by a civilian… I’m going to blanket the ENTIRE CIVILIAN POPULATION as being a bunch of murderers, rapists, hit and runners and arsonist… I’m sick and tired of the military as a whole getting bashed by the civilian counterparts. “No one made you join the Marine Corps… it was voluntary” … well, “No one made you be a do-nothing and remain a civilian, you chose to be worthless”
    Tun Tavern

  58. i just want to say that while i agree with some things you have said, awareness is exactly what your facebook status was complaining about. how is the public supposed to know exactly what Saddam Hussein or the Taliban was doing if no one tells us. Sure there’s the news, who just reads it off to you in such a cold hearted manner, but if you can make it personal and raise awareness at the same time, that’s powerful. Maybe someone should make a design campaign that impacts Americans in a more emotional and personal way, rather than a stranger reading it off or a teleprompter. I’m not saying that everything that invisible children does is effective, but once you raise awareness the people can let officials know, this isn’t fair. i wish that more issues that directly affect americans was brought to the forefront and have the awareness that Kony 2012 achieved.

  59. Thanks all you Kony2012 supporters….it is soon time to leave our pleasant homes in America just shy of Easter to go support your case. The Ugandans are busy guarding our chowhalls overseas so I guess we will go defend their country and protect their families….Hope not too many drug infested war lords cross our borders in the South why we are gone. I suppose that cause is not good enough for you, may God be with you for I do not know who they will call while we are out shutting down Kony if you are to ever need anything. You had the freedom of speech and you spoke, you have the right to bear arms so you better damn use it before it is too late and that right is taken away from you

  60. We knew full well when both Saddam and the Taliban were committing atrocities. We didn’t care until a little group called the Project for a New America made it their missive to rid the ME of someone (not specifically outlined, by the way). They first approached Clinton who said no way guys. Then, then they had the brilliance to get a dispensational eschatologists who would be interested in helping preserve the ME for the “return” of his savior. These men then decided to infiltrate the White House and became advisors, Cabinet members, and kitchen cabinet members.

    By the way, if any of you gung-hos were truly informed, you’d also know that Saudi is pretty much like the Taliban when it comes to their women. Crack a book already. Of course they’re our ally, that’s all the difference. Sort of like how Reagan or rather Rumsfeld held Saddam’s hand after he gassed the Kurds or how Reagan not only weaponized the Taliban but the Mujahadeen that later became Al Qaeda.

    Being married to a former active Marine, I know Marines are taught to do what they’re told. It doesn’t mean they have to be without thought and completely in the dark. They can, in fact, become informed on what they’re doing and look at the situation objectively. You can still do your job and know the details. There’s no excuse for ignorance in the digital age.

    You’re also comparing apples to oranges. No one WANTS the US to attack Kony. They want awareness. They want prevention. They want to empower the Ugandans along with those in the Sudan, who by the way, is really going through war of various factions, to be able to protect themselves and mostly, their children. We all knew about the Taliban and Saddam or even Saudi unless you’re just willfully ignorant of the situation, which given the tirades and cat fights on this page. Perhaps you can now do a blog on apathy and insular ignorance of the average US citizen.

  61. If I might interject with my humble opinion; I think that this conversation has gotten off topic. I agree with Dan in that there are a lot of people out there that are fairly ignorant, these people (although not exclusively these people) watched this video and being the ignoramuses that they are blindly liked this on whatever social media page and patted themselves on the back for “doing their part”. Now I’m not trying to say that this movement is a sham (I think that no one posting here is a huge fan of Kony) , but I think that supporting this because you and all your other collegiate hipster friends happened to see someone else post this as you sat in a coffee shop trying to be as cool as you can possibly muster only to turn around and follow that up with absolutely no further action is… ridiculous. Furthermore I don’t think that occupying Uganda will bring about a very desirable outcome. This isn’t something that Bono can solve with a huge cacophonous concert. Do you really think that Kony is going to hop on the internet and see how many people liked Kony 2012 on facebook and burst into tears laying down his machete?
    To go out on a further limb I think that the international community will scorn the American people no matter what we do, and even IF the Marines go into Uganda and clean up this mess guess what’s gonna happen five years down the road? Another Kony will come along and do the exact same shit. Then the government will be brow beat into spending more money that we don’t have to send our Marines to go take care of the new regime/ army of doped-up automatic weapon toting murdering rapist children.
    To Lisa,
    You claim that you are trying to have a civil debate/conversation. Ahem if anyone on this thread has instigated anything …it was you. You were the one that asserted(sarcastically of course) that you “…forgot for a second that us poor women are only good for cooking your dinner and making you children,”. I think the prior comments using the term “men” were talking about service men (and women), not misogynistic men as your feminist studies professor would tell you. Your condescending tone is rude. But as everyone and their mother has already said “It’s your opinion and your right to have that opinion.” So here’s my opinion of you; YOU’RE RUDE AND CLOSED MINDED TO ANYONE ELSE’S THOUGHT PROCESS BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY BE AS WORLDLY AS YOU AND YOUR MILITARY HUSBAND. I mean right? That geopolitics class you both took last semester must have really put things into perspective… right? You hide behind you education and pick on big dumb cliched mother fuckers like me; the uneducated guy with dominance issues who typically resorts to name calling in the face of intellectual conversation. Thanks for the psych eval Doc. I mean doc.

    In conclusion, I have no solution to the problem. I’m just tired of hearing the bleeding heart hipster behind me at the gas station ignorantly rambling some dumbassed rhetoric that he/SHE saw on msnbc or where the fuck ever.

  62. i have two marines sons in active duty that live for the purpose of freedom. Their lives define peace and their dreams of a safe future. Respect the lives of the marines.

    1. No one is disrespecing anyone. We just question the mission as should you. No WMDs. A country attacked with no end plan and no real solution. 4000 plus of your sons fellow service members dead, and trillions in debt and for what? Are we safer? No, we’ve created a hotbed of terrorist idealism. We’ve given them fuel for their fire.

      This country is lucky in that it’s never truly been invaded by another country since the Revolutionary War. We’ve been attacked, but not invaded. There’s such a pomp and circumstance and blind spoon fed patriotism that emanates towards our unjust and sometimes unlawful actions perpertrated in the name of our people. It’s not unlike what Hitler used to get his people on board with not only slaughtering millions but also aggressing on many countries. Again, apathy and actual thought process rules this country in unprecendented numbers. You can stand by the troops and not support the mission, Kathy.

      1. So we should just sit on our asses and do nothing, except not support our country against terrorists. Got it. That makes loads of sense to me.

        And sweet jesus, how often do I have to bring it up, the vast vast majority of the nation supported the war effort, and the majority of intel at the time, and not just our own, suggested there was WMDs. But taking out a genocidal dictator and installing democracy wasnt worthwhile.

        Sue Doe Nim, kindly do the rest of us a favor and get the fuck out, at the very least spew your shit elsewhere

      2. Cripes, Scruffy.What part of Saddam gassed his people in the 80s escapes you most? We didn’t attack UNTIL thirteen freakin years later.

        Most of this country DID not support a war effort in Iraq nor did the WORLD community unless you count the measly 20 something that was part of coalition of the willing.

        There were NO terrorists in Iraq UNTIL we invaded. Saddam kept that locked down.

        The UN put our report after report of how over 95% of all WMDs were destroyed after Desert Storm. Just because you live in some sort cave without print news or digital media doesn’t mean the rest of us are blind to fact.

        Do us ALL a favor, Scruffy, and actually give an informed answer before typing. Christ on a cracker, you’re the prime example of a failing school system of this country, the inability to not only think for yourself but to find factual answers.

        If Saddam killed between 20,000-100,000 between 79-03, is Bush the leader of genocide for causing the deaths of a million plus? Put down whatever sugar flavored drink they are handing you.

      3. To put it simply fucktard,

        or any of the links to the bottom of the wikipedia page. Why don’t you make an informed response, ass, before responding with your namecalling. Look at what Peter Goldsmith, the attorney general of the UK, had to say about resolution 678, again Im sure google and wikipedia can be your friend here.

        And Im sure there were no terrorists in Iraq, and Pakistan was pretty sure Osama bin Laden wasnt there.

        Thanks for worrying about me education, resulting to condescension sure speaks to how highly you think of yourself. And it makes your comment about finding factual answers that much more sweet.

        And going to the kool-aid trope, very clever, Ive never heard that done before, my sides are aching.

      4. Scruffy, you do realize a blog and wikipedia are far from actual fact, don’t you? I’m not even going to bother opening either because opinion is not fact dear. Sigh…dumbing it down for the masses is tiring.

        Iraq is not Pakistan. Pakistan is where OBL was. In fact, a lot of AQ was in Saudi where Wahabists schools train children to be future terrorists. Yet we’re Saudi’s puppy because whenever oil gets tight, Saudi ups that production, don’t they?

        The only reason and I mean ONLy reason to EVER attack another country is if they attack you first. Never at any time in history did Iraq attack the US. NEVER. Not once.

        It wasn’t kool aid Mr. Wiki, it was flavor aid. Damn, son, stuck on stupid I see.

        Lastly NO WMDs. None. Nada. Zilch. So step the fuck off, you pedantic whiny brain dead drone. It’s obvious you’re part of the apologists who got a million Iraqi’s killed for some stupid ideology in which you don’t completely understand. And let me ask you, because I bet I know the answer, you’re a bible thumper to boot. You pray to Jeebus with that language? Better pray for yourself, troglodyte.

        I’m done dumbing it down for you. Fact escapes you.

      5. Damnit Sue, I really didnt want to have to respond to you again because it’s clearly a pointless endeavor when you refuse to look at other facts or apparently read the post(your grammar and spelling indicate the shortcomings in your reading comprehension, but this is the internet so whatever).

        Yes wikipedia is a amalgamation of different opinions, yet those opinions are fact checked along with their sources, which you can view at the bottom of a wikipedia page(I referenced these in my earlier post, which you ignored Im guessing before returning with your vitriol).

        Iraq is not Pakistan, hold the fucking phone, when did that happen. No shit they’re two different countries, I never insinuated they were the same, but rather used it as a valid example that Al Quaeda was/is spread across several nations in the middle east and their whereabouts arent exactly being uploaded to your social media Foursquare(I believe this is the checking in to places app). Saudi also wasnt suggesting they had WMDs they were inclined to use(here’s some quotes suggesting Hussein wasnt in the same boat And yes, attacking one of our main oil suppliers wouldnt prove to accomplish much since they werent posing as bit of a potential threat.

        Kool aid, flavor aid. Stupid point(why am I surprised), moving on.

        No WMDs were found. Youre right, none were found. BUT FOR THE MILLIONTH FUCKING TIME, WHAT DID THE INTELLIGENCE SUGGEST? It said it was entirely likely that Saddam still did have many WMDs.

        The country(Iraq, just so you dont get confused(again)) is in a better position to move forward than it was prior to the war. Quick example(for you to ignore, of course), look at women’s rights. Look at their employment status throughout the 90s how they were forced out of the labor force and into the home to appease the radical religious groups. Look at how the government fired every female secretary to make way for the men. Just do everyone a favor and read a history book(if you can be bothered to) about the state of Iraq before we got there. And yes, people unfortunately die in war. But how many of those million casualties you referred to were from Al Quaeda attacks?

        And Im an apathetic deist of sorts. Not a bible thumper. But the half paragraph of name calling was nice.

        And ending with “Fact escapes you.” Oh my gosh does the irony burn so sweet. Try not to let the facts for which Im giving you sources get away this time, sweetheart.

      6. The Iraq war is over. If you didn’t like the start, talk to Congress. If you didn’t like the end, talk to Bush and Obummer. I just wonder why in the hell you didn’t tell Congress and the Pres. that there were no WMDs in Iraq before they started the war. You tell your little history stories like you’re the only smart one in the room but you come off as the dumbest.

  63. There is a simple difference between supporting an invasion of Iraq to get rid of Husayn and supporting going after Kony. As I recall Saddam Husayn was not ever indicted by the International Criminal Court, the UN had an investigation about allegations of WMDs and found no evidence, and the whole international community said they were against an invasion. Kony on the other hand has been tried, and found guilty of war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

  64. All I can say is that they intelligence level of the author shows there really isn’t any to start with. As for Saddam not being known about, what rock did you climb out of? I am guessing you didn’t do any research before opening your mouth on that one. Growing up in a military family, I grew up in the Saddam era. I dont want to hear you discuss how no onw knew about him. As for the Marines signing up amd no one is forcing them, you’re right. These.Marines signed up to protect everyone without thought that their lives were at stake for our freedoms. So before you start degrading them remember this, without them you wouldn’t have the FREEDOM to be an idiot!!

  65. Scruffy-I can’t fix stupid and I’m not about to try. You’re obvious the product of a whore and a Jody. If you have any military knowledge, you’ll get that reference but clearly you never served.

    Don-Talk to Congress? I had no idea they passed a war act. Can you tell me which war act that was because for the life of me, google seems lost. We never were officially at war. By the way, many DID tell the PNAC and Pres not to invade but he was too busy being a war hawk. In the end, we kicked his and his cabinets asses to the ever loving curb and were fucking out of that hell hole, aren’t we? Afghanistan isn’t too far behind.

    Erika, Couldn’t agree more about Saddam. I remember when he gassed the Kurds in the 80s. What is this there was no awareness shit they’re jumping on now? If you cracked paper or any print media in the late 80s, you knew. My guess is most of these boys were teasing their hair and listening to White Snake to give a shit.

    1. To paraphrase Sue’s reply to me “You’re stupid and Im going to call your mother a whore instead of addressing any points.” That about it, Sue? Well shit, you’ve convinced me with that sound reasoning and logic there. How could anyone disagree with such deep wisdom?

      And in reply to your reply to Dan, “We kick his and his cabinets ass to the curb.” Do you understand term limits, and that Bush didnt run again, not because he was afraid he couldnt get the ignorant twat’s vote, but BECAUSE HE PHYSICALLY COULD NOT. And the time table for their exit was in position for years, set up by none other than Bush, not your messiah Obama. And Im guessing you’ve never heard on Congressional Resolution 114. Dont worry about it, none of us expected you to…But if you could pull your fingers out of your ears and stop smashing your face against the keyboard for a few minutes, try google. It should be able to help you out. When the CIA and DIA give the president information that there’s WMDs, he tends to believe them. When they start to recant it after having already invaded, what good does it do then?

      I look forward to your well reasoned and logical response(you’re long due for at least one).

  66. I support my troops. I don’t trust my government, because they are mostly millionaires trying to get richer, but I do trust the young men I grew up with, from families just like my own, who want to do what’s right. God bless those who put on a uniform and risk their own lives to save the lives of the innocent and helpless.

  67. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching
    on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions
    on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading! I really don’t know how to get on Yahoo News, I guess it got there through the number of views and so it moved up on the search list. If you’re interested in any more of my writing, I post daily articles regarding politics and current events on my FB page One Last Word. Hope you’ll check it out!

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