Greater Love Has No Man Than This.

One of the most indelible images I have from boot camp were my Drill Instructors taking canteens and throwing them down a squad bay full of recruits and yelling “Grenade!” Without hesitation recruits would come flying from every corner of the barracks hoping to be the first one to jump on that canteen and absorb the pseudo blast.

This lesson of the grenade was displayed beautifully by a Marine named Austin Anderson who sacrificed his life to pull a friend from the burning wreckage of their downed plane. Although the girl sustained major burns across her body she is the sole survivor of the crash thanks to Anderson’s actions. Marines have been getting slammed in the press over the past few months so I hope you will pass this story on to your friends and family. Read more about Anderson’s heroic actions here.

Yours Truly – DH

“Great love has no man than this; that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15; 13


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