Don’t Forget Baltimore

As the 24 hour news cycle grinds forward the events of Baltimore seem a distant memory. But it will be to our nations determent to disregard the rioting and protesting (following the death of Freddie Gray) as an isolated incident. The narrative surrounding the riots focused on a burning CVS store, a mom dragging her son home and other made for TV images that do a disservice the plight of blacks in our country. Whether it is the justice system, unemployment, or broken homes many disadvantages continue to haunt black Americans. For whites it is often hard to empathize with black persecution because we do not live the same experience. We hear of them, read stories, or see statistics, but there is still a gap in understanding between white and black communities.

When the dust settles in towns like Baltimore or St. Louis, a civil rights conversation has to start and be sustained; my fear is the sustainment aspect of this conversation is not materializing. Simply ensuring people aren’t burning down buildings does not mean the situation as a whole has been dealt with. So often we morn damaged peddles, but fail to look at the roots. I call business leaders, the faith community, elected officials and the judicial system to not forget Baltimore. We should all be marching for a more perfect Union.


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