The Man, The Myth, The Let Down

The Washington Post ran a story regarding Shepard Fairey’s (artist of the Obama Hope poster) disappointment in President Obama’s tenure in office. Fairley laments the President’s political shortfalls, but the national narrative surrounding Shepard’s mentality points not to the failure of the President, but to millions of Americans who bought into the myth of a political savior.

Obama ran an incredibly infectious campaign which led supporters to believe he would fix everything. The issue here is that many don’t understand political campaigning is nothing like governing. Governing in a republic is meant to prevent a powerful executive from passing every bill dripping in his or her ideology. Obama’s inability to be everything to everyone shows that no matter how large his persona was, no elected official is bigger than the sum of the parts – which is how the democratic process was intended. Congress and the White House were not constructed in a way that makes passing bills easy; to the contrary we should be thankful legislation moves slowly, methodically and sometimes dies. It ensures emotion and ideology don’t push the country to far right or to far left.


For years now we’ve heard the same tired argument about a “broken system” and other intellectually lazy comments that reveal a lack of understanding in a legislative process. But in the pursuit of a more perfect union, We The People have to hold more realistic expectations for our elected officials. Shepard and many other Obama maniacs put him on a pedestal that no political leader would have been be able to exceed. Everlasting hope will never be found in Washington.

Isaiah 40:31 – but those who HOPE in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


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