I Wish Republicans Would Stop Making Stupid Comments

Mike Huckabee: I wish I pretended to be transgender to shower with girls…

Really? This is the intellectual content spewing from a Presidential candidate? The Bible says out of the overflowing of the heart the mouth speaks. And as a conservative, I hold my peers and leadership to a certain level of accountability I would not for a someone on the left. It’s the concept of “police your own” or accountability. Since Obama was elected I’ve seen the most divisive, vile, and thoughtless remarks aimed at the President, the left, homosexuals, immigrants, and the poor. Comments, that if uttered at President Bush would have ushered a massive retaliation from the right.

Republican rhetoric since 2009 has become less policy and more personal, and I’m just kind of tired of it; I don’t want to be associated with comments from Ann Coulter or Sarah Palin. Even in the midst of emotional discussions over gay marriage, abortion, or war the right still needs to think before they speak. The reality of a compassionate conservative has been removed so far from the mainstream it seems to no longer exist. My frustration aimed at my party stems from the feeling that we have ideas about the economy, personal liberty, and foreign policy but they do not make it to the voters because we are to busy attacking people (instead of an idea) for us to pause, reflect, and purpose an alternative policy. So close this article, turn on Fox News, blame the media, and keep cleaning your guns. Because what the country desires is an angry mob with the leadership to match.

Read the full article about Huckabee’s comments here.   


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